Monday, October 3, 2011

This weekend was a doozy. My good friend, Haley has been working on a super duper
exciting creative project, and solicited my photographic services... (and other things....
top'll find out soon!!!) So this Saturday we ventured out to location scout. 
 To reward ourselves for our successful scouting (shoot, dudes...we woke up early
 and everything to get a head start) we drank Bloody Marys.

The weather is starting to be just the right temp in which you can wear boots
with skirts, or silk blouses with skirts. I went ahead and 
pulled a double whammy and did both. 
All the clothing I'm wearing below (including the boots) is secondhand. 
I have prolly like a million silk shirts like this one in my closet. They work with so many
things. Tailored skirts, mini skirts, skinny jeans, layered over dresses and belted....
The list goes on. 

We tried this new place on Henderson, Swig. It was yum and the decor is bomb.
I had the Veggie sandwich with fried zuccini, arugula, tomato, lemon aioli and mozz
all on a ciabata roll. Say waaaaaat? It was real good. 

 Skirt, Blouse, and Boots: Second hand, Rx: F21, Bow Earrings: Vera Wang for Kohls
Bag: Dolly Python

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