Monday, October 10, 2011

Suburan Vibes.

Two things...1.) The weather is turning, and we are finally beginning to feel cool breezes
down here in Texas. 2.) The holidays are coming. These are two things (since moving
from the 'burbs) reminiscent of my childhood and my parent's home. We've been 
in Dallas a little over two years, and my appreciation for the suburbs has turned into a sort 
of aching. It's easy to qualify maroon and brown cookie cutter houses, perfectly lined 
trees on every street and very clean convinient stores and pharmacies as "white bread"....
But I like going home again.
So I did what every girl does when she's all nostalgic. I created a pinterest board!
Here's a collage of the images. I hope you can vibe on it. 

It tried to credit everyone I could...let me know if you know where these 
photos came from :),, Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys,,,,,,
Gregory Crewdson,,,, 
Kourtney Roy, Floral Knickers by, 
Girls leather jacket and collage,, Napolean Dynomite

The Mommy Dearest Painting KILLS ME. Hilariously twisted.
Luv u.

(This post brought to you by: The Shangri-La's radio station on Pandora it comes highly recommended).

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