Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heal By Rain

So here's an update on that location scouting we were up to last weekend....My gal pals 
Haley Espizito and Brina Palincia launched a production company called Heal By Rain Productions!
They've been slaving away working on a web series for about 5-6 months now... (Right girls?). 
It's finally been cast and we styled and shot the promotional photos this Sunday on the SMU campus.
(The show is a university setting).  The cast was awesome...and includes my hubby, who plays
an ironically stylish blind guy. I love, love, love shooting actors. They're always creative, especially
when you're shooting character shots. Here's some of the behind the schenes at the style out. (Yes, I said "schenes").

All the B&W photos have the "like/comment" buttons. I ripped them from facebook, and they
were taken by the hilarious and talented Paul Wingo (was his name-o).

Yes, I am wearing my DIYed Garth Brooks American Honkey Tonk Bar Association halter.
No, I'm not wearing it because it's ironic. 

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