Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Magical Realism

We were honored to attend another opening night at The Undermain Theater. They've been working on a piece by Len Jenkin called Time In Kafka, and since I saw Port Twilight I've been dying to see more of his work on stage. It is most definitely a wild ride. The "story lines" in what I've seen of his work so far, seem to be backdrops for the eccentric characters and their poetic, oddly sad and simultaneously hilarious dialogue and monologues. It really can't go without mentioning that in both plays there are sporadic dance numbers made up of moves you would most likely perform in your kitchen when you're all alone (as Jessica, one of the actresses eloquently put it) which I'm a reeeal big fan of. 


Commence with The Mash Potato!
And The Twist!
And The Monkey!

Also, the sets there are always beautiful. (cough* John Arnone)

(Here is Kent Williams. In Port Twilight his character would periodically wander around stage cranking that creepy *read:badass music box, and the little monkey passed out fortunes to the audience).

Mr. Jenkin's plays have a magical realism type of vibe where wild things happen in what may or may not be real places in the future or past...Also, me and Jonathan were lucky enough to chat with Mr. Jenkin and found out he paints too! His paintings mimic his plays. Lots of characters and colors with only a bit of a linear story line. 
I really like his stuff, and am thankful to Kat and Bruce at The Undermain for introducing me.
(And also for the free cheese that happens on opening night).
And so I felt inspired to wear patterns and bright colors.

Boots: UO Sweater: Target, Everything else, thrifted.

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