Sunday, February 19, 2012

Webb Gallery

Another magical find. Jonathan and I had a rather "fly by the seat of our pantaloons" kinda Sunday last week, and we ended up in Waxahachie, Texas. Webb Gallery is an oddball treasure we luckily uncovered (thanks to the our friends Paul and SJ) in the small town. It's nestled just near one of those charming southern town squares. Apparently, this is a place lots of hip people in Dallas already know about, cause when I instagramed this business, everyone was all "Duh Duh Duh, you're not cool unless you pee your pants hang out at the Webb Gallery!"

This space is brimming with old carnival signs and vintage strange-art and folk art and all sorts of twisted little americana nuggets of antiquity and abnormality. The owners of Webb Gallery are a husband and wife team, and apparently travel around the country searching for fun things, and self-taught artists to fill their gallery. Also, and very importantly, the owners are seemingly dog-people (this place has a cute pooch that greets everyone at the door)! Bright colors everywhere! Free Beer! Americana! Doggies! Vintage thangs! It's totally worth the trip, y'all.

If you live in DFW and support the arts in any way there is no reason why you shouldn't go here. So get there.

Diane Arbus and Mohammed Ali by Tim Kerr

 Admirers of Dexter, and Dexter himself

 Upstairs, there were figurines that had been decapitated and carefully painted and reassembled with different heads. These were some of my FAVORITE pieces there. I'm not sure of the artist though. If you know, please comment! Also pictured, a gorgeous farm table that looked to be about 25 ft long!

There's Paul!

 More art by Tim Kerr

 I fell in love with the light in the back of the gallery where this old staircase leads to the second floor loft space. (A menorah AND Muddy Waters? If you know me, you know why this excites me so! Awwwww shit yeah!)

Lovely little spaces with lovely things and lovely light. 
I need to go back soon. 

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