Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brenna and the Proper Husbands

A few weeks ago my songbird gal-pal Brenna asked me to help her with her band's promotional photography. I jumped at the request since all three of these people are dear to me, insanely talented and such a pleasure to be around. If you haven't checked put Brenna Manzare and the Proper Husbands, do so this instant. Featuring Adrian from Oso Closo and Jed from Rondo and the Rocket Summer the band packs hefty local punch. The first time I saw them, it was their 2nd show. There was no baby giraffe wobbly walkin' on the stage at all. She grabs her balls microphone and goes for it. Super soulful. Love them.

Casey Smith kindly offered us The Wherehouse as location, and Amber Elkins helped us with styling. We spent the morning vogueing to 90's hits. (Luckily the company I kept shared my deep affinity for such important groups as UB40, Boys II Men and so forth). Also we found out Adrian can hit the high note in "Man in the Mirror". We promptly filled our bellies with Mexican food and margaritas afterward. 

Here are 3 different vibes. I dig on the triptych. 

Which ones do you like? 

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