Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Have I mentioned that I love shooting actors? Well, I do. I spent last Saturday morning at The Aldridge House on Swiss Avenue (the Hamptons of Dallas) playing Vanity Fair photo shoot with the fabulous actress, Jenny Ledel (her husband, Alex Organ hopped in for a few as well). See, the reason this lady is fabulous is 'cause she does it right. And when I say right, I mean she embraces her dramatic side, and really isn't ashamed about it one bit. I showed up and homegirl had her own hair and makeup artist (Samantha Rodriguez), and a slew of dresses borrowed from The Dallas Shakespeare wardrobe. Several were made specifically for her when she played rolls like Juliette. 

Really... could a photographer ask for more?! Beautiful light, great talent, newly-wed-lovebirds etc... Our efforts paid off. Whachu think?

Very special thanks to Anastasia Munoz, who bummed me cigarettes, took hipstamatics, fluffed dresses and kept up morale!


  1. I'm very proud to be related to these gorgeous folks. The photography is truly stunning.

  2. These are gorgeous! .....Everything from the lighting to the poses to the attire to the framing. Lovely. See you tomorrow, wang.


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