Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ode to Pleats

Here's something: I live for pleats. I think it's because somehow they are simultaneously tailored and playful. Even when the fabric is a solid color, they are reminiscent of a pattern. Pleats are completely timeless. (Except of course on the front of men's pants... and many women's pants) I'm talking waist to hem pleats. On my list of ten things every girl needs for her wardrobe, a great pleated skirt falls between 3 and 7. (I can't decide for sure right now, that would take some time... next post maybe????) This skirt I'm particularly fond of because of the cute retro pattern. It also goes great with pink hues. 

Me and Jonathan stepped out to meet some friends for drinks on a patio, and this was the ensemble. 

Cat Eyes: Nordstrom, Skirt and shirt: Thrifted, Necklace: Stolen from Mama, Cameo Ring: Lula B's, Shoes: Seychelles, Cardigan: Thrifted/The Limited (old skeeewwwl)!!! Bralette: UO


  1. While I agree that you are adorable in pleats (and I like the grey sunglasses too)

    Us ladies thicker through the middle with a pooch just end up looking bulky and slouchy. Maybe I just haven't found the right piece to pull it off but I sure am jealous because I love dainty lady-like details.

  2. Nikki! Have you ever tried an entirely pleated dress (Like from neck to hem)? Maybe one that has more of an empire waist line or one that is super square? Or a skirt with a blouse untucked so it doesn't accentuate the middle so much? I think that might be flattering. I hear you on the pooch thang.


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