Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Web Series Weekend

So stoked for the girls at Heal by Rain Productions, Haley and Brina. This weekend was spent filming the first episode of their new Web Series: The Troubadoors. (In which I play a member of an evil aryan-esque rival chior whose members only sing in auto-tune).  There are a lot of insanely talented ladies involved with this project and it makes me proud to be a part of it. Haley has been a close friend of mine for a while, but I was bowled over by her chops as a committed director and producer.  Brina is astoundingly amazing on camera. The AD Amanda I've never met before but at one point man-giggling was starting to get out of control and she was all, "Guys! C"MON!" .... in that moment I decided I liked her a lot. I love a woman that can tell giggling boys to stop playing grab-ass and get to work! Not to mention every lady in the cast....they are all uniquely talented. 

Ummm so now that I've gone on a tangent about the pretty ladies I fear this may come off as an after thought, but the man folk are fabulous too. And FUNNY. Jonathan plays a washed-up-recently-blinded-rockstar, and at least one character is a bear gay. What a treat!

 Our loft filled to the brim. Amanda breakin' necks and cashin' checks.

Martha plays the angsty femme Jane, and Kellen is our sound guru. They're a couple....aren't they kewt?
(Kellen looks reeeeal pissed in that photo, but that's just his digesting oatmeal face so be cool).

Our Director of Photography and 2nd DP. Chuck and Paul. Of all the maniacs I know, these two are the most maniac-est. But in a good way. And with a fishtail braid! 

 J in his Kimono. His character is a bit of an eccentric. He was real pumped when he found out this was his look for the day. And Rico, our Alem.

 That's Brina and Andrew....and then Brina again. 

Everyone reviewing footage. Love it. Early mornings, but totally worth it. 
(last group shot by Lindsey Bever).
If you would like to donate to their Kick Starter campaign please go HERE. Every little bit helps. 

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  1. My name is Andrew Manfolk, and I am funny. :)


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