Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Texas Forever.

Soooo, I was organizing folders on my desktop listening to Cults and I got a little nostalgic. I couldn't help myself!! I love California. Particularly Venice and all our new friends, but looking at these photos pulled my heart strings hard. I'm such a sucker. Here's a collage of the things I really miss about Texas.
(In no particular order): 

1. My Brother.
2. Undermain Theater.
3. Miss Davenport and her hubs.
4. Nights at Lee Harveys.
5. Game Night.
6. Cooking with Liz and Haley.
7. Mr. Neese Hasselblading in the 'hood.
8. Kandi's Laugh after a few.
9. Dogs on the table at Meridian Room.
10. The light in our loft.
11. The queen of cute, Kendall Kendall.
12. These party animals.
13. Jack's dangly earring.
14. Del's arch nemesis on Main St.
15. Girly pool time.
16. Her Majesty, Haley.
17. Jen and her no-fucking-nonsence.
18. Margaritas with Mom.
19. People getting FNL references.
20. Chere.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, number eleven! Anytime you feel homesick, just think about all the crappy times and it'll cheer you right up :) Miss ya, toots.


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