Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friends of P

We saw this outlaw tagging the wall with these characters a couple of weeks ago. I love the little guy. He's the inspiration for this get up. I took some earrings I found at a thrift store a long time ago and pinned them to my collar for some added playfulness. (They are red pants and a jacket, which almost dictated the title of this post to be "take off your pants and jacket" (get it???)... but I went with The Rentals reference instead). 

Also note the pleather tights. I think these are a great addition to any lady's wardrobe. When you would normally wear plain black tights, throw these bad boys on instead and they make it look a bit more polished (in my humble opinion).

Are you tired of red lips yet? I'm sure not. Ever. 

Hidden wedge sneakers: (similar), Shirt, Glasses and Random Bracelets: Thrifted, Hoops: Forever 21(similar), Tights: Forever 21 (similar), Nails: Essie, Turquoise and Caicos 

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