Sunday, September 16, 2012

Amalgamation Nation

This look gives me a lady boner. Mostly because I feel like it honors the thing that has somehow evolved to become "my style". Sometimes when I'm putting something together, or even after I've left the house I don't feel like me. I might feel dainty, cute, rock n' roll, boyish or the like....but not like me. It might be a good idea to take a break from pinterest, or even from looking at other style blogs. It inevitably influences you. It's like you get this image stuck in your head of fucking Erin Wasson standing on the street in NY being all skinny, edgy and annoyingly perfect and bad ass, and you try to achieve a similar look, but it doesn't quite pan out. Whhhyyyyyyy???

When you have such a focused goal in dressing, it's easy to get distracted from what's important about it: expressing yourself. Instead of having fun you're trying to achieve some kind of "look" that's not you....that's why you end up in an irritable mood with a floor full of clothing. Usually you're left feeling awkward. Not to say that you shouldn't look around you to be should! Be inspired by someone's bravery or boldness with color or the way they look totally sleek and put together...and leave it there. Avoid judging yourself or trying to place upon yourself some sort of expectation
.....of yourself. (By "you" I mean the "royal you", and by the "royal you" I mean "me" mostly).

If someone asked me to describe my style, one word that would come to mind is "amalgamation" .... When ever I go for anything too specific I feel like a fraud. So I suppose at my best, I go for everything. This outfit, for example, is what would happen if Betty Draper, Mama Cass, Ralph Lauren and a street punk had a baby. 

Please note the Beehive. This newly discovered hairdo (for me) took less than 5 minutes, and is my most recent favorite thing. How-to coming soon!

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