Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hawthorne Skate

It was hot. It was crowded. It was the most fun I've had shooting in ages. I got to assist my bud Patrick on the opening of a skate park in Hawthorne last week. It was so nostalgic watching all the skater dudes and dudettes. Transported me back to high school. Chucks, Vans, skate punk, decking out your gear with stickers and permanent markers. (I've never seen so many Black Flag/Bad Religion T's in one place. It made me happy). I didn't skate myself, but I sure did think skater boys hung the moon, and sat my ass on many-a half pipe after school.

Lemme tell you: the skate scene in LA is fucking LEGIT. These kids were chomping at the bits to get into the park and skate their asses off. Also, Pat and I both were surprised by how polite everyone was. All the experienced skaters were helping out the ones that were there to learn, saying excuse me if they bumped into one another, screaming and clapping when anyone landed anything impressive etc. I was a little timid... worried they might think the photographers were in the way, but they were happy to 
show off for the camera.

Just so ya'll know this guy's tattoo says "what the fuck, fuck shit up." Sick dude. 

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