Monday, October 22, 2012

Shoppin' in LA

Friday was the first drizzly and significantly chilly night in LA this season so  Jonathan and I kept it low key, cruised around Hollywood and stopped at two of the best shops in LA. Jet Rag Vintage, and Amoeba Records.

Our friend has been urging us to go to Jet Rag, promising we would love it. Holy Shite. He was right. (Rhymes! You're Welcome!)
Soooooo Jet Rag is pretty much the Amoeba Records of Vintage Stores. By that I mean it is massive, and honestly you could spend hours in there and still not see everything. There had to be over 500 vintage dresses (organized by color and era), over 200 pairs of boots, plenty of sequins, tons of options for Halloween costumes, and on and on. When I walked in I was totally over whelmed. To shop here you need to be well fed (for energy), caffeinated (for more energy) and wearing sweats (so you can easily try stuff on and for mobility....there are stairs). The prices are completely reasonable as well. Simple vintage dresses for $24. If you are in LA, go there. 

And of course, Amoeba. We had to scoop up some gifts for a good friend. We got him staples for any vinyl collection. 
Bob Dylan's Soundtrack: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
(In my top five favorite Vinyls ever. It's Folky and westerny and the first instrumental track played as I walked down the aisle)
Smokey Robinson and The Miricles Greatest Hits
(Such good party/mood boosting Motown)
Willie Nelson: The Troublemaker
(Jonathan has been on a Willie kick lately)
If you're record shopping, any one of these albums is a great buy. We got some Phosphorescent, Shangri Las and Pinback for ourselves. I guess we were feeling mellow. 

One of the rooms for dresses:
Jonathan's signature "let's get outta here" key twirl.

Waiting for the lift (I'm British) at Amoeba.
 Black Riding Pants: American Apparel, Cable Knit Sweater: Cotton On, Boots: Vintage, Bag: Vintage Coach.

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  1. Ah! That raglan style sweater is the stuff of dreams. And what a perfect day to go vintage shopping.

    Triple Thread


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