Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Denim on Denim on Dots

I've been laying low since Thanksgiving. Working on photos...trying to keep my house clean...watching Sons of Anarchy...trying to figure out how I'm going to conquer the world (still working on that one). I've also been considering doing another wardrobe purge and having a side walk sale.....yeah, I'll get right on that. 
Whenever you wear stuff from Free People don't you feel just like one of those Free People models wandering in a desert/woodland area/decrepit house with your perfectly messy side braid in the Free People Catalogs?!? Yeah, me neither, but we do our best to incorporate these whimsical pieces into our wardrobes, don't we? I got this patterned chambray shirt on sale there (which is the only time I purchase something from Free People), and it took me a minute to figure out how to wear it....then it dawned on me: pattern mixing....DUUUUUUUUUH.

I decided to wear it with these champagne satin pumps that I've never worn but have had since I got married. I'm trying to wear more basic pumps with denim lately....because that look is gershdern adorable and super easy. Add them to an otherwise low key outfit, and they really pump it up! (See what I did there?) Why I am just now catching onto this simple trick is beyond me. Note: This trick doesn't work as well with 4-5 inch platform stilettos. The goal is to mimic the after version of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. So get yourself a really great pair of classic neutral i.e. black, nude, leopard pumps with about a 3 inch heel, and watch your wardrobe traaaansfoooooooooooorm!!!!

The delicate leaf necklace is my homage to all those woodsy Free People catalogs......whose exact ascetics will never be attainable in real life, but sure are pretty to look at.  

Jeans: J Brand, Chambray Shirt: Free People, Glasses: Cole Haan, Bag: Lula B's, Shoes: Nina,
 Necklace, Polka Dot Shirt, Bracelet: Thrifted.

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