Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy Rider

It's getting cooler and rainy in SoCal! Time to bust out my arsenal of blazers!!! I'm pretty happy about this weather. It's getting me in the holiday spirit. Vince Guaraldi Trio Christmas album commence! 

Is this look Equestrian inspired? Maybe. According to the heavy breathing greasy guy that passed me in the Post Office parking lot, definitely. He was all, "Hey! Where's your horses?!?" and I was all, "Up your butt and around the corner, wise guy!".... J/K. I only think to say zingers like that AFTER I've gotten in my car and am driving away.

But I don't blame him honestly. I mean, the boots....the riding pants....the scarf under the collared shirt....sometimes I'll put on things that look waaaay to costume-y, but if I make the individual pieces a little off beat, it's just "inspired" and not a "costume" in my book, mmkay? For example, the pattern mixing and the shirt that says "Shanghai" in script all over it....those are enough for me to not look too much like Jackie O in her horse-riding period. 

And yes the black bra under the sheer-ish shirt was a conscious style choice. I'm still not sure if I regret it.

Boots, Shirt, Blazer, Silk Scarf: Vintage, Bow Earrings: Vera Wang for Kohl's, (Use the promo code TENBLOG for 10% off on thru Dec. 23) Riding Pants: American Apparel, Ring: Gifted.

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