Monday, December 3, 2012

Here's Jonny.

Jonny is making an appearance today. I have a husband that is way more fun to look at than me, so I figure I might as well exploit him. Naaah, what really happened was we kinda color coordinated on accident. I know some couples don't like matching, but I think it's aaaadooooorable. I suppose we were both vibe-ing on green and black that day. He found that INCREDIBLE wool Polo sweater at Jet Rag, and he loves it so much he even sleeps in it (not really).

We had an exciting married couples day that included eating at Big Fat Pita in the food court at the mall. Jealous? 
To some people, this might sound like torture. The mall... food court... in December? Awww HELL NO! But, we loved it. Probably only because we never go there so it was sort of a novelty experience. It was rainy and cold and Christmasy and we went to Target too AND Home Depot!! We are so settled and shit. 

Being as it is rainy and cold and getting dark so early it's been hard to shoot. However, we found this great light in an alley near our house. I always test the light on Jonny and get my camera settings right before giving him the camera to shoot, but on this day he just looked too handsome... I had to share these shots.
(Gag, I know....) 

Jonny: Wool Sweater: Vintage Polo, Boots: GBX, Henley: JCP, Tuque: Vans
Me: Floral Dress and Leather Jacket: Vintage, Gold Sweater: Free People, Tights: Hue, Boots: Rocket Dog, Necklace: Nordstrom Rack, Hat: Gifted.

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