Monday, November 19, 2012

Nights at The Knightons

At least once a week Jonathan and I find ourselves up in Topanga Canyon at our friends Zach and Hang's house. Somehow they've created this refuge. It seems to be the place where everyone gathers...where dudes watch football, where anybody goes if they need a place to stay, and we're mos def going there for Thanksgiving.  They are so welcoming... I don't know how they do it, cause when people come over to my house I get streeeessed and just stare at them until they see themselves out. (Not really)...I really do wonder how they do it though.... Let's speculate...maybe it's because it is an amazing cabin/treehouse/hobbit hole! Also they keep a half asian baby up there, so that's a big draw.

Any random dinner party up there is likely to contain (but is not limited to) the following:

1. A delicious home cooked meal by Hang, who is for lack of a better word a mofackin' badass... typically I just stand there why she bounces around me in the kitchen all like "ohhhhh what are you gonna go with that??" or "can I microwave aluminum?" J/K! They don't have a microwave (pssshhht omg I know)...
2. White Wine Spritzers. (Cue Ned Flanders yelling, "WHITE WINE SPRITZER..spritzer......spritzer")
3. Drunkles. AKA Drunk Uncles (which I'm pretty sure is copywritten/trademarked so don't even try).
4. Cheese
5. Bathtime with Talula in which we name every character from Yo Gaba Gaba. 
6. Crack Cocaine (jk)
7. Dog Farts...which Zach claims are ruining his life, but I think he's being dramatic. 
9. A fire in the fireplace
10. Dinner around the candle light

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