Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oxblood, Ram Head

I suppose I was going for an old victorian west feel with this outfit. I find that era of fashion in the western United States to be so fascinating. The women took the European style of the time and transformed it into this beautiful and a bit more functional amalgamation. The leather, the gloves, all the delicate buttons, THE BOOTS....I could go without wearing a corset though.....ever...(please take this moment to notice the badass cowboy hat ring Jonny found for me at Buffalo Exchange).

This polka-dot low bow blouse is one of my favorite things I've ever found at a thrift store. It's timeless, soft and a perfect deep navy color. Is anyone else pumped about this Oxblood color trend happening lately? (Although I'm pretty sure Oxblood is the same color as human blood, but that name doesn't seem to have the same alluring aspect...not that Oxblood is alluring....errrr, you know what I mean).
Also, I found this Ram head necklace at a sidewalk sale in Venice. I'm always happy to find animal pieces. I have a whole collection of little totems, as you might recall from this post

Also worn in this post, a very special hat stolen from my very special husband gifted to him from a very special friend. To that friend: Thank you for equipping my man's closet with a great piece....that I can steal from him. 

Shirt, Jacket, Belt: Thrifted, Ring: Buffalo Exchange, Bag: Vintage Coach, Hat: Gited, Boots: Born (similar)

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