Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Floral Frenzy

The bold floral pattern on this dress is such a refreshing alternative to ditzy floral. SRSLY....I feel as though ditzy floral has been shoved down our throats by major clothing manufacturers for the last 6 springs. Even the name "ditzy floral" has mutated from sounding cute and fun and maybe something I'd like to be a part of, to tedious and annoyingly "tween" like. 

Whoa. I don't know where all this resentment came from. 

Anyhoo, I feel this look is actually seasonally appropriate...it's a challenge to stick to what's seasonal in LA. Ya know, 'cause there are no seasons here. It's also somewhat difficult to parade around in florals without feeling too springy. (That's what I do. I parade in them). So, when I'm feeling bloomy in the gloomy months (you're welcome) I try to pair the print with leather. Furthermore, flowers on black can be fall-ish and fun....fun like a funeral!
 On the braid in my hair: do not ask me how I did it. I could probably never do it again. All I know is I was going to do that braided crown thing, I got lazy half way through and put the rest in a side pony.
The boots I'm wearing in the photos were one of my favorite Christmas presents. (THaNkS mOM I lOvE YoUUUU!!!!) Also, those awesome buckle earrings were a gift from my awesome husband, from the awesome vintage store, Dolly Python.
(Oh laawwwwd please disregard my tacky chipped Christmas themed fingernails)

Floral Dress: Kensie, Boots: Vince Camuto, Sequin Cardigan: Cremieux, Belt and Fringe Jacket: Vintage, Earrings and Cat Eye Glasses: Dolly Python


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