Friday, January 4, 2013

On Resolutions

(This is a peaceful landscape photo to reflect my peaceful-2013-innerself landscape)

In the spirit of the new year, 2013 (by the way my favorite Christmas present was that I won't EVER have to see a sarcastic facebook post about the Mayan Apocalypse again) I thought I'd write on resolutions. 

I'm not a huge fan of strict life changes. Unless it's heroin or something like that. Then I'm all, "Cold Turkey, mofo!" But generally I'm more of the type that eases into things. With that being said there are quite a few lifestyle changes that Jonathan and I have decided to make this year. 

Firstly, since I have moved to California I've been styling Jonathan for the show he does for Billboard Music. I get allotted a substantial amount of money a month to spend on his clothes. With this money in hand I have realized I very much have a voice in the retail industry. Lately I have been trying to avoid fast fashion retailers with poor business practices. It is not only an ethical issue, but an issue of the quality of the threads we choose to put on our backs. Plus there are tons of small business retailers that could use support! So this year I will try my damnedest to invest in quality instead of quantity

The big one: No more cigarettes. I am still, however, getting my nicotine fix with an electronic cigarette. Thus far it's doing the trick. 

JUICE! We're trying to juice every morning. This is absolutely necessary to take place of the coffee and cigarettes...seriously....we juice to poop.

Then there's all the personal stuff: 
Stay present.
Start speaking positive things into existence. 
Shoot more.
Write more.
Ease up on the self-guilt.
More phone calls, less facebook.
and so fourth. 

Does this seem unobtainable? What are your resolution(s)?


  1. Girl--can't subscribe, please advise. Loved seeing you last week and this post coincides so beautifully with my own life. No smokes, lots of juice. Quality. Career. so much love.

  2. Word. Especially on the CAREER thing. I'm pumped about this year, and I'm glad you are too! Miss you tons.

  3. It was wonderful to see you and Jonathan back in the homeland.

    My resolutions this year are to not let my passion for my work in Chi communities interrupt my desire to explore. So hopefully some weekend trips.

    Also- in the same vain of removing self guilt to re-work my financial goals. Instead of feeling the pressure to make HUGE changes in just 1 year, I am going to reorganize into longer term 3-5 yr goals. These are way easier to accomplish, allow for more flexibility and a higher quality of life and help me celebrate accomplishments more frequently.

    Happy New Year to you both and come play in Chitown some time!

    1. Nikki!
      It was so good to see you too! The 3-5 year idea seems like something I could jive with FOR SURE. And Ialso support your exploring, mama. Let me know if you find anything out of this world.
      We NEED to make it to Chicago.

  4. cool pic! goodluck on your new years resolutions

    xo lala

  5. Thanks Lala! Good luck on yours too!! :)

  6. I lvoe your resolutions, they are very mature. I would give everything to quit smoking, but noooo way :D


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