Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vinyl Veekend.

I will say organizing an album collection is one of the most entertaining activities to do on a chilly night. Usually when we go record shopping we'll buy one cheap record we've never heard of based solely on the hilarity of the album art...those are the most fun to listen to when deciding what to keep and what to sell.
Anyhoo, I got inspired to do a weekly post on an album(s) to buy if you collect. If you don't collect vinyl and you are a music junkie, I am taking this moment to strongly urge you to start. It's so rewarding, you can find so many cool nostalgic jams and if you invest in a vinyl from a more recent artist, they will almost always have a digital download.

This week: Miriam Makeba

Any of her albums will cheer you up. Also they will make you shake your money maker.  Love her. 


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