Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alpaca Packs a Punch

 I'm a bit wary to approach this subject, as it is a controversial one. But what else is a blog for besides questioning your ethics and morals and then sharing your summations with the world? (Oh! I know! Posting tons of totes cute outfits pix biiiiitch!) But fur real y'all (see what I did there?) lemme me tell you my thoughts on animal products and fashion.

I suppose my ideas could be summed up with one old almage: everything in moderation. I really don't buy tons of leather first hand, and I have never bought any fur first hand. When I do buy leather straight from a fashion retailer, I make sure it is a product that is benefitting from being made from leather. Shoes, for example. Shoes become better when made out of a more sturdy material that forms to your foot over time.  For some reason when I see a pair of full on leather pants, I feel it's a little like, "What's up now cow!? How you like my butt on you?!? Oh yeah? Well suck it I'm human and I do what I want!" Ya know? I can't think of an occasion where leather pants are totally necessary.

but I bet you can....weirdo.

I will (every now and then) invest in a pair of shoes I know I will wear a ton...like all the time...I'll have them for years...like that animal is not just sitting there in my closet collecting dust. And to be honest, even after being sure to use that piece of flesh to it's fullest, I still feel guilty a bit. Which brings me to my next point.

I do buy fur and leather secondhand. (For example, this Goldendoodle vest! It's not Goldendoodle, although I cuddled with it like it was. I think it's alpaca, which aren't harmed in sheering but I digress.) I figure animal goods shouldn't just hang there in a thrift store. Someone should have them and appreciate them so the creature won't have died in vein. Riiiight?

To sum it up, I buy animal products in moderation or secondhand (Actually I try to buy a lot of my clothing second hand for the good of this world). I try to make conscious choices in what I put on my body and in it as well. But that's just my thing. And I'm happy to do it. I think if everyone started being a little more conscious it would make a big difference. The world is a fucked up place, and every little bit helps. I've thought immensely about cutting products that contain or contribute to the suffering of animals out of my life all together, and have done so with my beauty products and almost all of my food (I still eat fish), and hopefully one day I'll do it completely.

With all that said I might just be trying to make myself feel better.  Do me a fave and don't be a jerk in the comments. I know this can be a touchy subject, and I don't claim to know the best way. I just wanted to share some thoughts on the way that is working for me right now.  

On another note: This outfit was generously added to by two of my favorite ladies. My sister-in-law (who I met assistant styling in Dallas) gave me the safety pin ear rings. If you know anything about fashion styling, you'll know you deal wit A LOT of safety pins. And the metal clutch was given to me by my mama.
{Shirt: F21(similar here)} {Jeans: Helmut Lang{Vest, Belt, Clutch: Vintage} 
{Rings: Grandmother's} {Earrings: Skylark (similar here)}


  1. You look so good in that alpaca. Weeerk. I agree with you on the leather pants thing. I'm just not a fan. Oh, my gosh, my mom had a pair of burgundy flare-leg leather pants in her storage unit. They were super hideous. I TRIED THEM ON. Gracious alive.

    Love, Amy
    A. Loo's Closet

  2. Alpaca packs a punch indeed, I LOVE every aspect of this ensemble!!!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  3. Super cute... Love the vest and I agree on the whole leather pants thing, I tried on "pleather" leggings in F21 and I laughed out loud.. So, somethings just come together perfectly....

  4. very understandable topic. I too have thoughts on this when it comes to shopping. A lot of my items are faux...but if/when I happen to come across something of "animal" in a thrift shop or vintage shop, I may be compelled to purchase. It's not something I especially like to brag about but it does happen. I'm not sure if this makes it "better" per se but I do feel like "at least I'm not buying it first" sort of feeling...

    On another note, this is a great look! Love the vintage bag!


  5. well written! and great outfit:)



  6. Wonderfully written....especially since animal products are SUCH a touchy subject. You look amazing! I say to each their own (mostly to keep the peace), but I can agree that if anyone did a little less, it would go a long way. BTW- fab vintage jewelry...it's gorgeous!

    XoXo! Courtney


  7. Gawd your photos are so great. So great. OMFG this is the greatest post ever. (Sharp writing, "But what else is a blog for besides questioning your ethics and morals and then sharing your summations with the world?" LOLOLOLOLOLOLO @ you.) I am too cheap to indulge in brand new leather goods, so I don't really know if I would do it. Although when my Grandma offers to take me shopping...I'd be down for some leather boots, ya know? Also those earrings are so fab, I WANT. Also loving this mixed denim business<33

    "How you like my butt on you?!? Oh yeah? Well suck it I'm human and I do what I want!" <----- Pretty sure the planet would agree w/ that ;)

  8. It's always been a battle for me too, should I buy fur, leather.
    If I do buy it, does this make me a bad consumer person, or if I don't buy it, am I changing anything at all that way? In my opinion, people who don't buy fur or leather, because it's WRONG for the animals, aren't helping at all or making a change. If they really want to help with something, try making a fabric that is just like (or even better than) leather and fur, try inventing a decent substitute for it. Not buying fur isn't going to help.
    It's like the whole "don't test cosmetic products on animals" fiasco. What are they supposed to do? Just sell untested products and hope for the best? What if you had a teenage girl, who used a facial cream that hasn't been tested and she goes blind by it, is that better?
    I don't know, I'm confused about all this.
    I'm not confused however, by your magnificent outfit :) You are always so stylish!

  9. Great post! Love your photos... stunning look....

  10. It's a tricky subject indeed. I for one don't eat meat, fish, use products tested on animals, wear leather, fur or any other forms of animal (unless they've been sheared because that doesn't harm the animal) but it's completely my personal opinion and I don't try to push it on anyone (my family are all big meat eaters and leather wearers).

    I understand what you mean about buying fur second-hand and not wanting the animal to die in vein but then it gets complicated because people bought that fur in the first place, then dumped it at the thrift store etc so I, personally, would still feel as though I was contributing to the fur trade for many reasons. One of which being that someone might see you in the fur coat and a) not know that you bought it second-hand and give you very dirty looks or b) think you look really nice in the fur, not know it's second-hand and go out and buy a new (and real) fur coat.

    Leather is extra complicated because I was discussing it with my dad and he rightly said that animals are killed for their meat so their skin should be used to make shoes,bags, clothes as well, so to not be wasted. However, and this is a big however, a lot of cows are ALSO killed purely for their skin (on top of the amount of cows killed for their meat) so how would you know whether you're wearing a cow killed for your shoes or a cow killed for your burger AND your shoes? See what I mean? Very complicated.

    Also the fact faux leather products are chemical and add to the ozone layer etc makes me unsure on my decision to not wear real leather but I won't even begin to go into that!

    I'm thinking of writing a post about this on my blog as I always thought that I wouldn't make it as a fashion blogger if I didn't wear the latest Chanel lambskin bag etc but only time will tell as I'm soon about to post outfit posts on my blog.

    Sorry this is so long (I didn't even start of the animal testing! ha!).

    Love your outfit and I don't have a problem with your jacket as Alpaca's are sheared which doesn't hurt them and stops them from roasting under their heavy fur so it's all good, and you look gorgeous too! Xo

  11. What a great look! I'm glad you decided to post even though it is a touchy subject because I think often bloggers get caught up in wanting to please everyone instead of just posting what they really have to share regardless of what people might think. Personally, I don't have a problem with the fur trade (especially second-hand furs) and I think your vest is lovely. I'm Peruvian so seeing alpaca in fashion makes me smile because it's a part of my culture! :)

  12. I feel the same way! All in moderation, and if people are gonna be all "OMG I WOULD NEVER WEAR AN ANIMAL!" Well then no designer bags for them. And no more shampoo, lipstick, or eye shadow that shimmers because they ALL contain dead animals.

    You mentioned another point, one which I use all the time: Vintage fur should be treasured. Not thrown in a landfill, because that in no way honors the leopard that died a half century ago and was made into my fur collar.

    Also, I've never wanted a fur vest as bad as the one you're wearing. What a great look.

  13. Love your style, your post and honesty. Say hello to your newest follower. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!


  14. Well while I don't really like to buy fur (I don't think I own a piece) I think it's ok to buy it secondhand, like you said: if it's already hanging there why not give it a new owner. I do own quite a lot of leather (well especially shoes) but now also a jacket. I guess for me leather is kind of different than fur (dunno why) but I always think: I already ate the meat so why not use the skin as well? (and with fur they sometimes just kill tons of animals just for one coat, with leather it's different). But I'm actually not eating meat 70% of the time either (something with loving pasta and just adding vegetables to it). But anyway I'm getting side tracked here, I really think a blog SHOULD be for putting things in debate, for a while I've felt 'the blogger boredom' and it was because I just kept talking nonsense about outfits etc but with writing more clever things you use your voice + get great comments in return :)
    I love the outfit by the way and I think your moderate choices are good ones :D No need to go extreme

  15. I loved your honesty on the topic as I'm sure some people have very strong opinions about it - regardless I love the vest and really the whole look. Even more special that some of the items were personally gifted!

  16. hey ashley, thanks for dropping by my blog. I have to say, i like yours and am now following you... in purely a fashion blog way and not a creepy 'see-me-in-the-shadows' way. Anyway, love the safety pin earring, i remember my sister used to just wear safety pins thru her earring holes when she was like 15. I like it. punk style. about the animal products questions... i haven't had enough coffee yet to muse about that one. ;)

  17. This outfit is really beautiful. Love that you shared your honest opinion about wearing real fur and leather. New follower here. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

    xo erica

  18. Love how open you are about this. I think a lot of people (read: me) shove these types of things under the rug, because they're difficult to confront.

    I feel like your take on leather/fur is a lot like many peoples' take on hunting. I don't know much about it, but I think that whole "get the most from the animal and respect it's life" thing is a really respectable sentiment. if nothing else, the fact that you're thinking about your purchasing decision and the impact they have is like, um, probably like totally responsible and something.


    Can you PLEASE divulge how you take these photos? I mean they SERIOUSLY look like they're out of VOgue. Who takes them, with what cam, etc etc . I'm blown away day after day.


  19. Thought provoking post. This is a subject I have thought about and discussed before. I'm personally not a huge fan of leather clothing, but to be honest it's as much about the feel of leather as the ethical/environmental issues. I do wear leather shoes and carry leather bags. I don't wear animal fur, but I love a good faux fur. And your vest is awesome. It makes me think of a Wheaton Terrier. You've styled it brilliantly!

    Sue xo

  20. Ashley you are adorable!I just wanna ask do you wanna follow eachother?If you follow me i will definitely follow you back so let me know!



  21. I have never worn real fur but I have lots of pairs of leather shoes and many leather handbags so I don't really know where I stand on it, although I imagine if I saw a fur at a charity shop I would buy it!

    Maria xxx

  22. I love this outfit especially the fur vest and the heels, so pretty!


  23. Hi! I just discovered your blog thanks to IFB and I really like you photography (last posts' is amazing) and your sense of fashion is great (this may sound stupid, if it was bad you wouldn't be stylist, but I had to say it haha!)
    About the leather goods I always borrow my mom's leather jacket but I guess I've never gave all this topic a real thought. I guess if I had to buy some furry jacket it would probably be fake fur...
    BTW I follow you =) and I just wanted to say hi ^^


    The Elegance Hunter

  24. Oh my goodness I Love this outfit! It is baller! I for sure feel guilty sometimes about the things I wear (or just the general amounts of money I spend on clothes) but usually I just shrug it off and giggle as I strut around.
    Rock that fur, girl.

  25. such a great outfit, love the denim on denim with a touch of alpaca and those safety pin earrings are wonderful. as far as fur goes, i'm with you that i see no wrong in vintage fur. the deed is done so we might as well use the fur that already exists and re-purpose it into new pieces. i just don't see the need for the continuation of the fur industry when there is so much vintage fur collecting dust in various vintage stores and attics the world over.



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