Sunday, March 31, 2013

On Wearing More Eccentric Vintage Pieces

Have you ever been in a secondhand store and found the most amazing-far-out-beautifully made piece, bought it with gusto then gotten home and didn't know how to wear it? Yeah, me too. However, thanks to maturity learning to not give a shite, I'm starting to overcome this issue.

Take this outfit for example. I knew I wanted to wear the 90's Betsy Johnson rose slip...just didn't know what to pair it with. When I finally layered it with this ridiculous Dynasty meets Marie Antoinette at Easter brunch peplum realness I felt like a super star (and a little bit like Ulyanna Sargeenko, yeah right... in my dreamzzz). However, en route to exit our house, I kept asking my husband, "I should just do the black leather jacket instead, right??" Classic. A leather jacket with a pretty little floral dress. Can't go wrong. Looks great on everyone else, right?

Then the whole "this ooonnnnneee? OR this one?" ensued. The switching back and forth from jacket to jacket while intermediately changing the hat. Eventually with the most kindness and understanding patience a husband could have whose wife's closet just vomited on their floor Jonny said, "Go with the Dynasty. You bought cause you love it. Fuuuuuck it."

My Hero.

He was right. The little black leather jacket would've toughened it up a bit, but I already accomplished that with the boots, right? Plus, that's the obvious choice. Sometimes you just have to say "screw it" and wear what you want. Who cares if you have a hint of crazy cat lady or a PTA mom or a character from Dynasty? (Key word here being HINT. Don't go full cat lady on me, now...not yet anyway).

Other outfit ideas for this badass blazer: 
With black cut offs and boots. 
Layered over a black pencil skirt or midi-dress with heels
White high waisted shorts and these cuties

Have a Happy Easter, Bunnies!
{Boots: Vintage, Dolly Python} {Slip: Betsy Johnson} {Panama Hat: Vintage (Similar)
{Blazer: Vintage}


  1. Love love love this outfit! Great choices! You're rockin' it. :)

  2. True style takes far more guts than mere fashion. Why I find Sargeenko beautiful but ever so slightly boring...and Iris Apfel crazy-pants but awesome and unforgettable.

    1. Woe, Em.
      I never compared those two figures in fashion, but that's a very interesting point. I just LOVE Sargeenko's designs and aesthetic. Right in line with a lot of the stuff I dig.
      Thanks for reading!!!!!

    2. Yeah, they're pretty far apart taste wise. :-) I love Sargeenko's stuff too; it's pretty grand! But it just always seems so studied? I adore a look with a bit of slap-dash to make it less doll-like. But she's gorgeous, no lie!

  3. This is gorgeous. You made a great decision!

    Love, Amy
    A. Loo's Closet

  4. Well I think this rocks and your hubs is way more patient than mine..he would have just gotten in the car and left haha!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  5. I totally know that feeling. Unfortunately I have too many pieces that I thrifted and love but just don't know how to wear. A floor length dusty pink princess coat with fur trim comes to mind. You're rocking the dynasty coat! The outfit looks very 40s to me.

  6. this is amazing girl! and my hubs would say the exact same thing. haha love it.

  7. Gash... love it!! You totally pull this off in a not so crazy nighttime soap opera kinda of way... well done.. I'm kinda in awe...

  8. i'm glad you went with this jacket. it's better. you look amazing. xoxox

  9. HOLY SHIT. This is next level. That hat, I need that hat. And the colors are so gorgeous. And then with a BLACK boot OMG I am truly obsessed.


  10. That jacket is maybe different, but still a no/brainer, it is gorgeous. You are much more daring than me, I would just wear it with jeans, your choice is much better. I have become a bit reluctant when I go to the thrift store, I bought so many things that just hang in my closet ( and then I sell) But if I lived in California, I would go for it, no better place for it!

  11. This look is really well-balanced, and much less of a foregone conclusion than had you gone with the "usual" tough biker with the floral dress. Your husband is a wise man, and your instinct is spot-on. Trust it. You're right not to give a shite.

  12. I get Marry Poppins meets 2013.
    A true classic mesh.
    Love, love, love.


  13. I love that blouse...jacket? I'm not totally sure what it is haha, but it's such a fun piece! I love good vintage finds like that.

  14. love that you went with the dynasty jacket, it needed to happen. leather and florals always looks great but sometime's it's nice to be bold and try something new and when it looks this good you might just be responsible for a new trend.


  15. Love the hat, cute look! :D

    xx MJ

  16. That dress is just amazing! How perfect for Easter; you go girl, rock what you love!


  17. Awesome look! It is so editorial but still looks wearable. I'm a new follower:)

  18. I love this top! I think you styled it perfectly.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  19. Hi!
    Great blog and nice outfit !
    Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know, I will follow you back!

  20. I love how you have styled this, that jacket is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  21. I love it, that jacket is a fabulous find, the detail is amazing! Wonderful styling!! I'm following you now, your blog is fantastic!!

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  23. I always love reading your texts! I can really relate to those scenes, while I may not have fully become as confident as you are, I do have a loving boyfriend who'll tell me to go with my first hunch like your husband does. It's great they're here to help us just go with what we love and not care about what others think. Your outfit looks amazing! If I'd see you in real life I'd think: oh wow she's so cool wearing what she loves and looking all confident in it. And if I would happen to go out in a not so great outfit that day I'd feel a hint of jealousy because you pulled it off :p
    Maya - Archistas

  24. I totally understand this feeling! What a great post. And your outfit is gorgeous. :)

  25. You pull this off so, so well!
    What a great post as well. So relatable.


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