Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Links A La Mode

I love IFB's Links A La Mode. Every week I get a whole list of new posts to check out, and I get to discover new 
bloggers. My fave discovery this week was Narcissista.me. I loved her honestly about having to toss out the 
"stripper shoe". (I am glad the platform shoe trend is going away. It had it's 15 minutes of fame, just like the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore. BUUUURRRN!) And I can never get enough of my girl from Look Sharp, Sconnie. 

I'm happy to be included in the line up this week, check out these links!


The Beautiful Abyss

Beauty is only skin deep, beauty comes from within. From actually taking care of your skin to being comfortable in your own skin, this is where style starts. We've had a lot of thoughtful entries this week, and I loved reading the posts. Breaking style rules, mixing punk and modesty, and a full on deconstruction of cats on the internet and fashion (my two favorite things). Anyway, before I digress, you'll get lost in a world commentary so perhaps you'll digress into the abyss as well.

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup March 28th

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  1. congratulations! you're in some very good company this week.


  2. Congrats, Ashley!

    "It had it's 15 minutes of fame, just like the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore. BUUUURRRN!"

    I love this so much. You, my dear, are golden.

    Love, Amy
    A. Loo's Closet

  3. Congrats on getting Links A La Mode! You rock!!! You deserve it, your blog is cool, genuine and fun to read! Thanks for sharing yourself through your blog! :) XOXO!



  4. I have just discovered your blog, I'm not sure how. It's inspired me to get my camera out again!

    Like it a lot!



  5. Huh, I forgot about links a la mode. But congratulations!


  6. Congrats on being featured on IFB's! :-) Your blog is super awesome so it doesn't surprise me at all!


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