Friday, April 5, 2013

Polka Dot Palazzo Pants

 Oh my word, y'all. This month has been crazy busy. The weather is starting to get beautiful and my loved ones from Texas are flocking to LA. Not complaining, because my house has been full of best friends and siblings and my sweet parents HOWEVER when getting dressed all I have time to do is throw on something with an elastic waist. (This is the time where I would pull my elastic waist band away from my belly with my thumb, give you a wink and snap it back).

Enter polka dot pocketed palazzo paaaaaants! (I win at alliteration).
P pants (what I'm calling palazzo pants from here on out in this post, for your pleasure) are one of the most hilarious pieces of clothing to me. Mostly because people think you're wearing a skirt, and then when you do a deep lunge everyone is happily surprised at the P Pant cuteness.  (Kinda like a skort. Skorts are hilarious to me too, but I don't do deep lunges in them). P pants also happen be one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing. All the freedom of a skirt, but you can can do high kicks.

I kept the rest of the outfit easy as well. The sweater shirt is one of my favorites (it kinda has the same affect on the girls as the one in this post) I'm quite sure I have never seen another vintage piece quite that color green. The three watches are a go-to when I'm accessorizing, and don't have time to think. And finally, the neutral brogues...if you don't have a pair, you should getcha some. They go with EVERYTHING in the summer and spring. Seriously. I'm trying to think of what they don't go with and I can't.
{Shoes: Gifted Kenneth Cole  (similar and not as expensive here
(and these in brown and white for a no lace version...adorable!!)}{Panama Hat: Thrifted (similar)}
{P Pants: Thrifted (I found these on ASOS they aren't capris but they are polka dotted and super cute!}
{Shirt, Belt, Watches and Bag: Thrifted}


  1. You had me at Polka Dot Palazzo Pants.

  2. How fun! They look so comfortable - I would have never guessed they were pants though! And I love those shoes!

  3. Oooooh my gosh how great Are you!? This is fabulous!! Dying over the pants...

  4. I usually do a high kick to the side to show off said pantsness to my very unimpressed husband. Maybe I'll surprise him next time with a deep lunge.


  5. OMG girrrl, you know those pants crazy right?

    If i didn't have a massive girl crush on you before, I've totally got one now.
    You've got an absolutely faaaaabulous pair of balls (<--oh, yes i did)

    You had me in stitches throughout this entire post. From the elastic waistband to the deep lunges. Like, oh my god, i need an aspirator.

    As always, love your style, your writing, and especially your snarky wit.
    Also, you're going on my blog's blogroll for this.


  6. OH my god.

    I CANNOT believe you do the 3 vintage watch thing too!! hahah. I have a picture of myself like this from when I was in Paris and it's one of my favs.

    Thought I was so unique, but you totally win.

    super obsessed with finding myself a pair of palazzos now.

    great pics. great lighting. Love the way the green? shirt pops


  7. Beautiful, love what you did with the watches :)

    xx MJ

  8. Okay, I am super impressed with your alliteration and super impressed with you totally pulling off those pants. I couldn't ever look awesome in those, but you totally do. I take my hat off to you...

    Kate from Clear the Way

  9. Love the sunglasses... so cute :)

  10. Oh girl... so fun.. you pull off this look really well! Love the mint sweater!

  11. polka dot palazzo pants......sign me up!!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  12. Beautiful combinations -- the pink lips and mint sweater are great! I also like how you stacked your watches.. very cool idea. I really like this outfit. It's simple and vintage and perfect for this weather!

    xx Meesh

  13. I don't really like palazzo pants but I like the result, especially how the sweater and hat look together :)

    - Laura

  14. I love everything about this look! Those polka dot palazzo pants are INCREDIBLE. Not to mention you look KILLER in that aqua sweater. Seriously, hot mama! Way to rock the palazzo pants! XO!


  15. I'm just in love with these photos. They're so dreamy and pretttty :) ANd I love how you styled the heart glasses, most of the time I think they would look to costume-y but your made them work ;)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  16. Cool P pants! And love your shoes :D

    Neon Fox

  17. Your so pretty ! Love the outfit :D check my blog out and follow if you like x

  18. Gorgeous styling, and you are pretty!

  19. Oh my gosh, those pants are seriously the bomb! (Do people say that anymore? Oh, well, I'm sticking with it!) I love anything that looks like a dress or skirt but is secretly a romper or pants, they just make life so easier. You can look cute, but if you need to climb a tree or get into a thrift fight over some amazing vintage item or another you can! :P


  20. I love these trousers!

    Maria xxx

  21. Thank you for your comment on my Frida post! I've been getting a lot of robo-readers and it kind of got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, both you and your p pants are adorable. I just bought a skort from Uniqlo and it has the same convenient looks-like-a-skirt-til-you-squat-down appeal :)

  22. Ashley, your style is adorable. I love it! Loving that sea foam green sweater... it's actually one of my favorite colors!

    Wanna follow each other? Let me know so I can follow you back, dear :)


  23. Great look !!! I'm in love with these shoes :))

  24. Beautiful!
    Awesome shade of lipstick also.


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