Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Handbag: Dooney and Bourke Florintine Bag

I'm not a handbag lady. When browsing aisles at the Rack (Nordstrom Rack, affectionately) or at any thrift store, handbags don't speak to me the way clothes or shoes or amazing crappy folk art pieces do. This is why you rarely see me holding a bag in any of my outfit posts. However, I am a grown-ass woman, and I decided for my birthday I wanted an investment piece...a nice handbag.

I am blessed with the most amazing mother who helped me with and funded my mission. When I went for a handbag priced at less than $100 she said,
"A (Ashley, affectionately), put it down. We're getting you something nice"

This process was hard for me! In my mind I'm imagining the thrift store haul I could score for the price of one nice handbag. Furthermore, nothing jumped out at me. They were all too trendy (I try not to invest too much in trends) or too suburban or too expensive. 

That is until I laid my eyes on this beauty. Dooney and Bourke. Yes. Classic company, but the bag has a modern twist with the fold over detail at the closure. They have a duck in their logo (cute factor), there are tassels (always a plus with me where ever they may be...handbags, shoes, boobies) and the bag had a tinge of a western feel --- which as of late, is a vibe I'm noticing my aesthetic can't quite escape.... and I'm okay with it.

I LOVE it. Perfect size and weight! I feel like a bona fide adult lady! Carrying a nice bag just makes you feel like you have your shit together...the same way a great pair of heels makes you feel like a sex machine powerhouse. Nothing like material items makin' you feel like a woman! AmIRight?

What do ya think? Any handbags you're vibing on lately?

{Skirt: Thrifted Vintage} {Shirt: Old Navy (old, but here's a similar one)} {Cuff: JCP (similar)} 
{Neckalce: Thrifted Vintage} {HANDBAG!!!!}


  1. Oh, you look fabulous. That skirt is divine.

    Love, Amy
    A. Loo's Closet

  2. I would love to invest in a nice bag....I have been mulling this idea over in my brain for awhile now. I am resistant to it as well, mainly for the price tag, especially when I can see how many other things I can buy with the amount of cha-ching. I must agree about feeling grown up and special with a nice, quality piece- so I could imagine what you're feeling with the bag! What a wonderful gift from your mom! :) HUGS!

    XO! Courtney

  3. love your skirt <3 is so pretty!

  4. love the skirt, it's awesome.

    congrats on the awesome new bag. very gown-up and cute.

  5. And when a bag can do so much like making us feel like our life is together... it's really a small price to pay.... Don't you think? Also... LOVE that skirt... it's da BOMB...

  6. I once went to a nordstrom rack and fell in love with this beautiful brown suede purse with the most awesome little closure on the front. I wanted it so bad but I could not find the price anywhere on it. I went and found a lady and she told me it was over 200 and I practically threw it back into the bin.
    I am so bad at spending large amounts of money too! I think the most expensive item of clothing I own is a pair of clogs I got from sandgrens. I love the shit out of them though.

  7. That skirt is just so amazing! And your mom sounds like a pretty stellar lady! That bag is just fabulous - very awesome investment!


  8. Totally digging the bag, a great find :) And the skirt ahh it reminds me of a tapestry-- love it :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  9. lovely look!


  10. well it was worth the investment!!!! ps that skirt is GORGEOUS!!! oh and Happy birthday :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  11. i absolutely love this look! especially the skirt! <3 oh and I am a bag lady so of course I am in love with your bag as well :D

    xx Francesca of

  12. Oh man I am completely in love with that skirt! That is the one downside to following thrifty style bloggers haha. It looks gorgeous on you!

  13. Hi! I just found your blog and I love it. Your style is rad, especially that skirt haha.
    I also loved your post on cruelty-free beauty products. Very important.

    I just followed you, come say hi if you want =]

  14. this skirt is so amazing! love these photos too :D

  15. The bag looks wonderful, it's a spot on investment, I'm sure you wont regret :)
    And once again, I am in awe looking at your gorgeous photos, and that amazing skirt *_*

  16. What a great handbag! I've been eying a classic Chanel handbag for years, but I'll have to keep eying it until I might (or will I never) be able to afford it :p for now I always love like the cute small shoulderbags, or this vintage black handbag I picked up one day and it fits SO MUCH STUFF, and it's still relatively small :D
    Yours really screams your style and I think that's important in all items. Great pick! Love the photo's as well, nice warm light. Maya - Archistas

  17. So pretty, love the bag! :)

    xx MJ

  18. Oh this is a great bag, lovely investment piece. Thank god your mom made you put down whatever else was that you were buying, since this one will work with a lot of outfits. Belated happy birthday by the way !

    And I adore your floral skirt, looks gorgeous on you. Plus that third-last picture of yours with a smile... beautiful!!

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  19. stop being so annoying perfect.

    Material items making me feel like a lady errday

    can NOT believe this skirt was thrifted. it fits you LIKE A GLOVE (would if it were a skirt).
    It is absolute perfection, and is not convincing me that I need a floral maxi skirt. Absolute perfection.

    Did i say perfection yet?
    'Cause this is all perfection.

    And I haven't even touched on the bag.
    lika butter
    butta (affectionately)

    the foldover paper bag thing is the perfect modern touch - you're right. pricey pricey. I think I'd be afraid to set it down..ever. Good thing you won't need to. Perfect accessory

    ((sensing a theme...))

    1. Gabi.
      You win at comments.
      And at the internet.

  20. Very nice pick! It's got such a classic feel to it and actually maintains a trendy look! Love the foldover detail. I would have to agree - great investment piece!
    FashionEdible Blog

  21. I love your handbag, but I can only see your beautiful WANT skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Missing you, dear friend.

  22. Oke we should be friends, haha, you are they first blogger I read that says that she is not a handbag girl. Well me neither, I just love buying all the other shit way to much. You choose well, I like those kinds of bags too, like the english Radley bags, they will never go out of style. Great skirt, gorgeous photos as ever!

  23. I LOVE the florentine bag, and you will have that bag for the rest of your life. Dooney make a great product! Well-played madame, well-played.

  24. Great choice! What an investment piece!

  25. OH! MY! Goooosh! That skirt. I'm dying. No. I really am. Okay. I'm not, yo' back. I'm gonna come get it!!!

    More Modern Modesty

  26. The "amazing crappy folk art pieces" was my favorite, and the skirt, although I would have to admit the handbag really is a beauty. but that skirt is just WOW. yes, in caps. it's amazing the print is perfect. and you look awesome in long skirts! which i note bcuz they def dont flatter my figure. hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving w/ this wonderful sounding mother of yours + more family : ).
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  27. I cannot believe how absolutely lucky you are to own this gorgeous skirt!! WOW. It's just drool-worthy! Gorgeous girl!!

  28. Saw you on Duswana's Monthly Muses post :)

    Love this striking, long maxi, as well as the story of the Purse. Purses don't often speak to me either, but you get a right one and it makes such a difference. Glad you found such a one.

  29. I cannot even handle that skirt. YES.


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