Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adventures in Big Sur

Have you been to Big Sur (or more inappropriately Big Fuggin Sur)? How I have gotten this far in my life and not witnessed the beauty that this place has to offer is a mystery. When we began to ascend the PCH approaching Big Sur I almost teared up around every bend in the road. (Pro-tip Andrew Bird is the best nature gazing music EVER). 

We took the camping trip for our two year anniversary. Maybe you're thinking what I was thinking. Camping? For a wedding anniversary? Yaaaaayy.... Sleeping on the grooound.....

But that is because where I grew up, "camping" meant "sleeping in an otherwise mostly deserted nature-area because we had no where else to consume alcoholic beverages" Ya' know, CAMPING! Also I went hiking. Which turns out is just walking in nature. For some reason I thought it would involve climbing and being forced to eat granola or something. So now in my late 20's, I realize that I love hiking AND camping......with an Airstream. 

Big Sur is one of those magical places that sucks away any anxious thoughts that typically riddle your skull in real life. It's no wonder Kerouac and Henry Miller chilled here. The weekend was full of sticking feet in waterfalls, visiting local cafes, watching sunlight glimpse through the thick shade of the Pine and Redwood trees, cruising on the edge of cliffs (this is where aaaaallll those car commercials are filmed), and drinking wine and whiskey, warming our toes by the fire. 

Being unplugged for 3 days was a gift. On the drive home, once we got a signal, I began to catch up on  social media happenings. In doing so I became intensely aware of how certain updates and photos made me feel. It was so easy to just stop following people or hide them from my feed. I suppose when you see it everyday any negative feeling that pops up just becomes normal. To be away from it was eye-opening. Ain't nobody got time for that. 
Lula just exploring naked like a BOSS. 
The cutest (and only) coffee shop in Big Sur
Henry Miller Library. Strange lawn art. 
If my mother was a restaurant she was be Deetjen's.


  1. What a gorgeous trip... I've been dying for an Airstream for like ever.. mental note must make friends with someone who has one...

  2. Big Sur is one of my favorite places ever. Hmm... Gotta get back there again!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. What a beautiful and stunning trip. It really makes me miss the NW! :( If/when I go back there to live, I will def be checking this out! WOW! Thanks for sharing! XO!


  4. GORG photos as always my photo genius. I need to go, sounds like a perfect get away. Can't wait for tomorrow! I am like a kid on Christmas at the PILE!!


  5. Oh my goodness! What stunning photos!

  6. you take some awesome great pictures !


  7. My husband and I are planning for our next California trip and this is surely some inspiration! Thanks for these fabulous images.. now how do we get our hands on one of those shinny Airstream..

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  8. Aww these photo's make a long to go backpacking somewhere in the wilderness, love the great atmosphere!


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