Friday, June 21, 2013

Vinyl Veekend: Bob Dylan's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

When Jonathan and I first met he gifted me 4 albums on vinyl. Among them was the Bob Dylan soundtrack to Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. I never knew Bob Dylan composed a soundtrack, but this album quickly topped my lists of both favorite soundtracks AND favorite Bob Dylan albums.

Because it's full of folky lullabies like Billy 1 and Knockin' On Heaven's Door and gorgeous guitar instrumentals like Bunkhouse Theme, me and J used to fall asleep together listening to this soundtrack. Eventually I walked down the aisle at our wedding to the first song on the album, which you can listen to below.

If you have any affinity for folk music, the wild west, Bob Dylan or really just a soul in general.... you are gonna wanna pick up this album. And then listen to it. Over and over.


  1. I just woke up and it's a beautiful song to listen right now. I've never heard it until now, and it's amazing!

    - Laura

  2. As a Dylan fan I still haven't listened to this album in full, but thank you, now I will do it very soon!


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