Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Homegirl Heroes: Emma

I bonded with Emma over cigarettes and the topic of vintage clothing on one of my first nights living in LA. I remember thinking how pretty she was when an Australian accent came spilling out of her mouth as she spoke. It took strength not to roll my eyes. Psssh. Gorgeous AND she has an accent.

She's more than easy on the eyes, though. Emma recently wrapped shooting her first short film, Grace, which she just so happened to write, direct and produce (I helped her out with photos and wardrobe as you may remember from this post). Homegirl's got a keen eye for antiques, and she is ballsy when it comes to rockin' her super rad thrift store finds.

Emma's fuckin' fierce, and I don't mean that in a "Top Model" type of way (although she could be a top model). I more mean it in a "screw with me or my friends and I'll slice you" type of way. Her no-nonsense attitude makes her playful side even more endearing though. She's genuine... and it shines through in her artistic endeavors.

I spent an afternoon closet-digging, shooting, and lounging with Em not too long ago, and decided she would be the perfect guinea pig for this new monthly segment on ol' blog.

Read Emma's interview below.

How did you end up in Los Angeles?
Whilst studying Production Design at film school in Sydney, I found out that upon graduating, I would be eligible for a 12 month student work/travel visa. I was on the plane to LA 3 months after graduation day. That was 2.5 years ago I haven't looked back since.

Of all creative outlets why did you choose film?
I think film chose me really, sounds wanky, but it's true. I was studying Interior Decoration at the time and the head of Design at AFTRS (The Australian Film Television and Radio School) came to lecture us. She spoke about Production Design for film and TV and how it incorporated interiors and furniture and decoration. It wasn't until after her talk that the lightbulb turned on and I realized that was what I was supposed to be doing.

What was the most intimidating part of making your short film, Grace?
Fearing that it would be shit. I feel like I knew I could do it, but I went through ups and downs of self doubt. Apparently that's normal and a sign of wanting to be great, but at the time it's hard to tell those thoughts to shut up. I also feared that I would find out that my film was actually crap and not festival worthy at all, and all this time I thought my idea was good. I guess those feelings faded away gradually throughout the whole filmmaking process. The more it came together.

You obviously have a passion for antique furniture. When did this love affair start? Do you have a early memory with any specific piece?
Good question, I actually have no idea when or how it came about. I don't remember either of my parents having a love affair with furniture or antiques. I do remember always re arranging my room. I loved moving it around to see what it looked like from different angles.    

Vintage furniture and vintage clothing....what do you look for when you're collecting?
Vintage furniture that I love is mainly Mid Century Modern and Victorian. They really go well together. I also love velveteen sofas and chairs. I have found that I have a love of vintage print too, rugs and throws. I love a good bargain. Most of my home is off craigslist or from a thrift store.

Vintage clothing never ceases to amaze me. I couple years ago I was obsessed with vests and leotards. I had over 14 of each at one point. I still have most of them in a box in my Mum's garage in Australia. They will make it over to LA one day. Whilst shopping for thrift vintage now I usually just buy what is practical for me. A little 80's/90's silk top I wear tucked into high waist skirt or pants on a night out, is usually easy to find. My favorite always being an oversized wool cardi, I almost have one in every color :)

With both vintage furniture and clothes I feel like they speak to me, like they need me to love and appreciate them.  I get sad when I see once beautiful pieces broken and damaged on the side of the road or alley. 

Choose a super power. 
If I could have a super power it would be to move things with my mind. I love it in movies when people have this power and they get into a fight with their enemy and they just throw them up against the wall with their mind. Badass. I could think of a few people I would've done that too ;)

What's inspiring you currently?
I think what's inspiring me at the moment is the thought of what the future has in store for me. I have only just began to scrape the surface of what I'm capable of and that's kind of an awesome feeling.


  1. UMMMMM she's so rad oh my goodness.
    Like wow.

  2. this is great and I love how you write.

  3. God I love this. You both have such a great mix of badassness (word?) and elegance that' scontagious. I've always wished I could be like Emma - beautiful and tough AND talented.

    She's a triple threat.

    Holy shit this photography is insane. Like...WHATTTTTT why are you so good.

    Also, need to see Grace now.
    Love this series. Shows off so much of why you're talented Ash.


  4. hahaha "mess with my friends and i'll slice you". i'm loving her already. and i can dig a girl that has ballsy thrift finds. that's so cool she wrote, produced, directed, starred (what else is there to do??) her own movie! i'm trying to be a writer and i definitely have those "this is probably total shit" doubts all the time, so i feel her on that one. i'm kinda jealous you two are friends haha, invite me into the circle!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Emma is totally amazing, brave, tenacious, talented, resilient and gorgeous. Grace is going to smash it at future short film fests.
    Ma xx

  6. Judging by the first picture she's far from fierce in a "I'll slice you" way but I guess she must be since she'd like to throw people around with her mind.:D She really is badass and cool, I like her tatts too. And I love the last photo, babe, you definitely have a gift for photography!

  7. amazing pictures, that one of her in rollerskates against that pink door is epic. she seems amazing and i love this new series. keep on bringing us badass babes to look up to!


  8. I love her tattoos! And I'm really drawn to the name of her film for some reason... what is it about?

  9. She seems incrediable!! I'd give anything to be Australian... Or friends with one so I can just listen to the accent... What a babe!

  10. Gorgeous photos! Obsessed with the home decor :)

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  11. Love the photos and her interview - she is gorgeous! And I always envy people with accents too ;)

  12. Nice interview!
    Love the photos, they look great and perfect! :)

    Also, I love the gif you made of you from the last post! Hahahahah Funny!


  13. WOW- not only is this chic COOL and TOUGH, she has an accent! While reading through the interview, I could hear the Australian accent coming through, along with the other wonderful and inspiriting qualities about her. Fabulous photos, rocking interview & all-around inspiring. She sounds like a great person and a desired friend. I checked out her website and it was charming.



  14. DAMN...gorgeous photos! She IS a badass. I wanna wake up as her one morning! And that print on her skirt...MmmmMmMMmm.


  15. Her place is really nice. And your pictures are perfect!

  16. Wow, two powerhouse babes coming together...BOOM! Fantastic job Ash!


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