Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mom Pants that Make You Dance

As I approach my thirties I find myself wondering when I will reach the age at which my affinity for looking like a grandma will no longer be "cute" but more just me....looking out of date. When I'm forty and the vertical nature of my footwear begins to take its toll, how will I modernize my sartorially senior sensibilities?! 

These cobalt pantaloons, made out of what seems to be canvas (?) are not chic and are not really that flattering. I was drawn to them at the thrift store because of some humorous quality they seemed to emit. I do this with many clothing selections. Sporting what is otherwise unflattering 'cause I'm young and my body is presently some-what bangin' (according to my husband, anyway). It amuses me, and it works...for now. 
(Right guys? Nervous laughter. Riiiiiighhhht?)

When pontificating the future I try to visualize myself as the type of woman that can defeat the tinge of vanity that urges one to wear only what makes her look most attractive. I don't want to be a fupa shaming, all black wearing, sensible shoe-sporting dresser at 50. I want to wear pieces that are unique and beautiful. A chartreuse crushed velvet kimono and giant cat glasses. Not with the intention to draw attention to my crazy, saggy self, but certainly not with the intention to NOT draw attention to my crazy, saggy self. In short: I want to not give a shit in the most stylish way. 

This is why I look at Advanced Style on the daily.

At this point, I will admit that vanity does still get in the way. Every now and then I want to wear something "outlandish" but this silly feeling that the piece is too weird or doesn't make me look feminine enough will deter me from rockin' it. I also think it takes a lot of style sense to make extremely unique pieces work. (Man Repeller is the perfect example of this). I have confidence that as I age I will become better and better at pulling off what ever I want to. For now, these pants make me wanna dance, so I wear them...and I do.

Wearing kimonos and turbans and huge jewelry. Life goals, NBD. 

{Pants and Belt
: Thrifted}
{Shoes: Violet and Red}
{Shirt: NY&Co (15 years old, crazy right?}
{Pelican Earrings: Found at a shell shack in St. Augustine. These are also rad.}


  1. Those pants are awesome! Cute GIF!
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  2. cute look! xoxo

  3. National Mom Pants Week!
    I have the same thoughts sometimes. How much longer are all these mumsy florals going to look cute and ironic against my supple skin? Also, how much longer am I gonna have supple skin? Pleats are tricky, so if you can find the right ones, then you should wear them no matter your age. As long as the pleats flatter instead of add bulge, then you should wear them! The bright blue color really adds some spunk to these :)

  4. Nice moves!! Love the pants FYI...

  5. hahah love the gif! and i think those pants are adorable- it's a good thing you thought they were humorous and snatched them ;)

    and oh crap, i never thought of that. how one day my grandma style wont be cute itll be at that age. that's kind of a scary thought, haha! way to give me anxiety this monday afternoon =P

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Those pants are just super amazing! I don't think that they look hilarious at all - they look great! And they are super flattering! Also, that shirt is just perfect with it. Also, I sometimes try things on because I find them hilarious - and those are usually my favorite pieces!

    Also, I'm sure that you are always going to be super fabulous and your style is just going to get better! :)


  7. stunning! I love the gif as well :)

  8. props for using the word pantaloons in a post. looking lovely. xox

  9. so good.

    I could watch that gif all day long. NBD

    Think this is such a great topic, and something I rarely talk about. The process of aging and how that takes its toll (or adds to) your sense of style is so interesting. I do wonder if it takes a wonderful fashion sense to wear weird things though, or just the will and the right personality? Sometimes I think that Man Repeller's "sagacity" comes from our idolization of her nonchalantness. She doesn't care about fupas, so we don't.

    Anyhow, Can't wait to see the old lady you become. If the young one's any indication, there are only good things to come.


  10. I have a solution, don't get saggy! That's what I do, being older than you, haha. Don't worry about it, girl with great style, like you, will never have to worry. people don't change that much. Really you don't get old from a day to the other. You and your guy (you cracked me up with the low crotch story) will look fab at fifties in every kind of pant. Great outfit!

  11. Hi Thanks for checking out my blog x Love this look!


  12. You look stunning in this! Love the moving image! Sorry it's been so long since I last visited your page....I def. missed it! You are too cool! :) thanks for the fun read!! XO!


  13. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  14. I'm pretty sure that no matter what age you'll look fabulous and stylish! You got your own unique style and I don't think age can change that :D Love the blouse and trousers of course, gosh I would never pull anything off like this. Mostly because straight pants don't flatter my shape at all

  15. These trousers are awesome!

    Maria xxx

  16. that shirt is amazing, short sleeve printed shirts are having a real moment in my wardrobe right now and this one is amazing. love it with those bright blue dancing pants. you look gorgeous in this outfit and i hope that you stick to your goal and bring us posts of you in said velvet kimono 50 years from now.


  17. I loves me some mom pants! You look awesome!


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