Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sweltering Style: How to Pack for Hot Climates

Sincere apologies for the lack of updates this past week. Jonathan and I made our way to Texas for work and some and family time. Thankfully I had several photography gigs, and Jonathan had some cartoon voice-over work the same week! 

The Texas thrifting scene is PRIMO, and I miss it now that I'm amongst subpar Cali thrift shops (no offense, surfer dudes). With a copious selections and insane prices like vintage secretary dresses for $2.99, there is plenty in TX to choose from. I knew I was going to need room in my suitcase for the trip home, so I tried to be super thoughtful in packing. Luckily, when traveling to Texas, you don't need many layers! 

Here's how my packing gears grind: 

1. A transitional (day to night) maxi dress READ: ESSENTIAL. I wear maxi dresses on planes for the comfort factor. (However, if you opt out of the death-laser-naked-picture-airport-scanner, the TSA agent gets annoyed with how much fabric she has to finagle). This time I had to go to a party directly from the airport, and with a little freshening up (see lavender oil), and a change from boots to sparkly sandals, BOOM, I was ready to double fist cocktails (it was my mother's work party) and miiiiiiingle, y'all. The next night I wore the same dress to the theater. 

2. Four blouses that match every bottom I pack. Typically I stick to solid colors or simple patterns for my tops, because it's easier to mix and match that way. These blouses can also be used to layer over the maxi dress, and belted at the waist. How's THAT for versatility?! 

3. Printed, high waisted maxi skirts: The BEST for hot weather. Easy, breezy, and day to night transitional. Dress em up, dress em down, hike em up and show some leg while you're enjoying chips, queso and margaritas. God bless Texas. 

4. Because this was mostly a work trip (and when this girl works, this girl squats) I needed cute and appropriate shorts. A textured black short goes with every blouse I brought. I am of the opinion that shorts of an appropriate length are TOTALLY doable for work. Particularly in hotter climates. 

5. Footwear! This is where I stare blankly at the suitcase every time I'm packing. It's hard to choose what footwear to pack because, well, shoes make or break you (maybe that's a little harsh..............actually, it's not. It's the cold hard truth). I always wear boots on the plane because they take up the most space in luggage. A sandal with a pop of color is necessary. I find cobalt blue, red and emerald the most versatile. Finally, a more modern/professional slip-on is ideal for work. You might notice I don't have any heels, but honestly, when trying to save space, an embellished sandal can cut it for dressier occasions. 

6. As far as accessories. I try to stick to the same flavor of metal (gold this time). A delicate necklace, a statement necklace and a small pair gold earrings (with some attitude) is my traveling jewelry trinity. And when making your way to a sweltering spot, a panama hat is prime headgear. Put it over your eyes to sleep on the plane, and protect your peepers from the sun's rays. Plus panama hats go with EVERYTHING. 

7. A swimsuit for swimmin' ! I'm investing in a vintage inspired suit this season fo' sho. 

8. A medium sized brown tote. I avoid packing extra handbags. Every lady should have at least one handbag that goes with nearly everything in her closet. This is important: That handbag should be large enough to pack snacks for the plane. :) A lot of people forget you can bring food from home on the flight! I surprised Jonny with some homemade vegan cookies (my friend made) half way through the flight there and a piece of red velvet cake on the flight back. The man has a sweet tooth. 

More pro-packing tips: Roll your clothes instead of folding, and DON'T skimp on the underpants.  


  1. Never skimp on le underpants! Hehehe awesome tips, especially the maxi, I mean obviously they're comfy and all but what a wonderful way to remain chic and fresh whilst traveling. It's genius and I am ashamed I never put two and two together!


  2. Hahah great tips! Will definitely keep in mind for my upcoming trip to Europe

  3. I love those earrings and... well everything!
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  4. I love a girl that knows how to pack, I am crazy about capsule wardrobes. I am starting to wear more maxis, never thought to wear one on the plane, but I'll keep it in mind!

  5. Love all of these picks particularly the long skirts and striped tee.

  6. I just caught on to the "rolling" trick recently. Also, I try so hard to pack one type of metal for jewelry but always seem to fail. Maybe someday...

  7. Fabulous tips!!! Love the print on the maxi's!

  8. Clever, fun and cool usual! ;-). I never tried the rolling trick, hehe, I always fold my clothes but I think I'll follow your tips next time. I'm sure I won't have any 'surprise' once I start to unpack. :-p
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Especially the love the Topshop bikini there!
    I roll too!

  10. I always overpack but I am trying to be more restrained!

    Maria xxx


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