Monday, July 8, 2013

Links a la Mode!

Gotta love IFB! Thanks to the crew over there for including me in this week's Links a la 
Mode! Rad bloggers, rad links. Click through and enjoy!


Free To Be Me

Today is a national holiday here, Independence Day. Common themes celebrated, among hot dogs and fireworks are notions of freedom.. but what does that freedom mean if not free to be ones self? This week we have a great array of posts that reflect the freedom to be as you are, whether it be wearing a crop top in your 40's , dissecting the shoes of women's right's hero Wendy Davis, or discussing the oft not discussed issue of the rise in plastic surgery for men. Of course we also have all the goodies you'd expect from a fashion roundup, so relax today and read these links!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

  1. All Things Kate: Fashion Flashback: Christian Dior
  3. Anything You Can Buy: Store Credit Cards: Savers or Enablers?
  5. Attire Club: Discussions On Men’s Plastic Surgery
  7. DIY Doyenne: 12 Simple Ways to Build Engaged Blog Traffic
  9. DressCode: HighFashion: The 10 Definite Mens Must Haves in Summer 2013
  11. Fashion is Evolution: DIY Mui Mui-inspired glitter shoe video tutorial
  13. Fashion Thrill: The Mystery of Chanel No. 5
  15. Fashstash: Like a Maharajah | Jeetinder Sandhu
  17. I Can Style U: What Are Men Really Wearing This Summer?
  19. Inspirations & Celebrations: Best Shorts For Your Body - Summer Style Guide
  21. Lover of Clothes: The Other Side of Blogging
  23. Not Dressed as a Lamb: How To Embrace The Crop Top Trend In Your Forties
  25. Rose & Pine: Summer Skincare Tips & Summer Skin Essentials
  27. Sobbing on Fifth: The Trend: Match Your Mani to Your Clutch
  29. Sophisticated Lace: The Shoes of a Female Hero
  31. Style Bizarre:3 Ways to Accessorize your Swimsuit
  33. Style Convict: 4TH OF JULY STYLE GUIDE
  35. The Photogramps: How to Wear Tropical Print
  37. Un Femme d'un Certian Age: Style Crushes: What They Can Teach Us
  39. We Are Ready Made: TOO MUCH CONTROL?
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