Friday, August 23, 2013

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When I busted out these platform Superga sneakers for the first time, my friend Rynn said she hated them. They reminded her of the shoes popular girls wore in middle school. Then I thought about it...well I'll be damned if these aren't basically the same shoes Hayley Duff wore when she portrayed black top bully, Summer Wheatley in Napolean Dynamite! (The wardrobe styling in that movie is amazing and incredibly on point). Although the whole "popular girl shoes" thing is a hilarious perk, it's not the reason I purchased them...which is more along the lines of a $14 impulse buy at Ross Dress for Less. 

Rynn's comment did get me thinking about the fashion fads of popular girls in middle school though. I remember arm cuffs having a moment. Adidas shell toes and those hideously thick Doc Martin sandals were definitely a thing. All things GAP and chokers too. Also, for some reason hoards of them would  dress as babies for halloween (was that just at my school?)...pajamas, giant bottles, pacifiers, and somehow body glitter slipped into the whole equation...?

I always thought if you're going to wear pajamas for Halloween whhhhy the F would you go as ANYTHING besides T.L.C. a la the Creep video? (I've got dibs on Left Eye).

I cannot complete this post without mentioning the Dolly Parton belt. It's bold, but I wear it with pride...particularly in LA. No shame. Next to a few diamond rings, it's pretty much the best thing my grandmother (may she rest in peace) ever gave to me. Nana was into glamourous/gaudy accessories.

Jeans: Urban Outfitters (Similar), Belt: Gifted, Shoes: Superga, Bracelet: Thrifted 
Shirt: Thrifted, Sunglasses: Similar


  1. Oh man.. yes, I feel like I owned a pair of those shoes back in the day.. trying to be like the popular girls.. ;)
    Love your recreation of this look!!! haha... slam dunk girlfriend! BTW, your never-ending 90's references make my day!

  2. I don't think there were any babies at my school, but I remember visors with words on them (such as "angel" and "hottie") were really big for a while...pre teen girls are so weird. Love this look though, those green pants are killer!

  3. Hhhahaha they are sooooo Napolean Dynamite oh my god I LOVE IT.
    Middle school was weird, man, I dunno and I don't wanna talk about what I wore. (Being not of the popular persuasion) Sweet Jesus.

  4. I love Napoleon Dynamite! And whoever the wardrobe stylist is/was a genius! But jumping to this outfit, I actually bought a pair of these white sneakers but in black! I have yet to style them but you sure gave me an idea! :)

  5. Bahahha, I can totally see the Napoleon Dynamite reference! You are rocking those shoes, though, for sure! Also, I'm really loving that shirt - I bet it is a great remix piece


  6. you know, it's so weird you mention TLC's music video, i was watching it YESTERDAY and going, 'damn! this pj style is intense!' hahaha, weird. We don't celebrate halloween, so i dunno about whether the baby thing was merely concentrated to your high school, but it sounds creepy. But i remember the arm cuffs, and chunky doc martin boots with different colored laces in early high school (going for courtney love)
    awesome belt! :D

  7. Love the outfit! The belt are amazing!!

    - Laura

  8. Great outfit! Had to get used to you in skinny jeans and sneakers for a second but I have to say you are rocking it!

    xoxo Iris

  9. These green jeans are awesome, and I'm definitely into the platform sneakers. At my middle school it was alllll about Abercrombie. I remember coming home from one particularly difficult 7th grade day and announcing to my mom, "I'm throwing out all my clothes. We HAVE to go to Abercrombie!!!!"

    Xo, Hannah

  10. Super cute. Gorgeous top.

  11. OMG i love your style. You really rocks. Thanks for sharing.
    Arm Bracelets

  12. I love how you have styled this outfit, that belt is perfection!

    Maria xxx

  13. Always love reading your posts and getting some cool references to google and to broaden my knowlegde of things :)
    Love the outfit! Such an easy comfy look, love the added belt, adds the right touch of glam!

  14. So funny about the popular thing- I remember the doc martins and body glitter (which annoyed me beyond belief!!). You look FAB in those jeans chica- way to rock them! And your gma had some rockin taste! XO!


  15. That belt definitely is gaudy, but I love it with this outfit, babe.:) But I have to say the baby costume craze was definitely localized - I don't think I've seen a person dressed as a baby on Halloween ever.:)

  16. the dolly parton belt!!!!! droooooOOOoooool. lucky, lucky, lucky!

  17. What a great heirloom that belt is! It's fabulous! I love this whole look. You're fabulous as ever!

    Kate from Clear the Way

    P.S. I've moved sites and you can find me at now!

  18. Going to a school which required us to wear uniform, I missed out on any 'mean girl' trends but can imagine it all too well! I do remember the GAP jumper making an appearance at non-uniform day though!

  19. oh wow!!! this look is amazing !
    you have a great body!


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