Monday, August 19, 2013

Links I Love

1. Stirring and beautiful ... check out the colorized versions of famous black and white photos.
2. The idea of the century: The Period Store! Your one stop shop for that time of the month.
3. Loving these photos of vintage dorm rooms from the ModCloth blog. So charming.
4. My mama is an interior designer, and I have always LOVED interior design photography. These are dream-worthy photos from Anthology Magazine. 
5. Love Garden and Gun Magazine. Need to try the Texas Micheleda recipe before summers through! Any excuse to drink a beer, right?


  1. dang, the colorized photos took my breath away! i scrolled through them about 15 times. and holy shit THE PERIOD STORE?!? the MOST genius. i love this post!!

  2. Love the vintage dorm room photos!! They remind me of my parents' old polaroids of their rooms growing up!

    Xo, Hannah

  3. Thanks for these links. I took about half my day looking at the first one alone….beeeee-autiful.

  4. Those colourised photos are absolutely incredible. Black and white are stunning but I'm so thankful we can actually see in colour!
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  5. Ok this comment is meant for your recent outfit post, but for some reason, I can't comment on it for some reason. Your sneakers TOTALLY remind me of popular girl shoes in middle school (did we go to school around the same time)?? I remember being in middle school and those Vans' sneakers were the shit. Actually, I think your entire outfit pays homage to popular school girl wear from that era. But you look absolutely beautiful and you've got a killer body!


  6. The same as the foxy Rox, can't comment above. I can't imagine how those girls looked, photos? haha. The jeans were the first thing I noticed and the pistachio color is fun, they fit you really well. Supergas well i am Italian so that says it all. The belt: can I have it? Please? Love it!!!!

    1. Rox and Simona,
      I don't now WHAT the deal is with the comments. Pretty sure it has something to do with the shopstyle ad...take down commencing. Thanks for your sweet comments, pretty ladies.
      You are both diviiiiiiine! :)


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