Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jonny and Cairo on Pins and Needles

It's good to back in LA. With all the things: the dirt, the sunshine, awwwl dees skinny bitches, the hobos, the health nuts, the bullshit, the terrifying feeling we'll never make it coupled with the opportunity to make it big.......and hipsters. 

Jonny had his first art show in LA with his pal, Cairo, a few nights after we arrived. It was all the way in North Hollywood...which looks a lot like Hollywood, but newer and more northy. Because of it's northy-ness living costs are lower than LA proper making it particularly more young and hipster-y (particularly in the arts district). 

The show was a success! Jonny sold two pieces, but the gallery was literally PACKED with 90's vintage-clad 20-somethings. Not just a ditsy floral dress here or neon there, but FULL ON Clarissa Explains it All EVERYWHERE. Gals taking selfies, punks present solely for the free PBR. I was pumped at the huge turn out, but as the music got louder the crowd thickened and so did the warm, beer-breathy air. The room began to close in. 
I felt old. 
Why did I wear heels to an art show like a dick? 
This music's reeeal loud, y'all. 
It's 11pm.

I stepped outside. 

As I peered back through the gallery window at the impending hipster dance party, it made me happy and thankful and sad and nervous. I remembered when I was that age, and I was that pumped to be out and about watching my friends play music and do art. I was thankful they were all there with all of the fires in all their bellies. Then I remembered I'm almost 30. Then I was like, "those kids better not fuck up my husband's art". Official geezer. 

But I'm good with it. With age comes taste refined, truer friendships, a clearer understanding of the things that stay, better sex, and an appreciation for one's self and style.



  1. very awesome outfit, that vest is great :)

  2. Haha that is funny, wait till you are forty, you will feel 15 again. Gorgeous outfit!
    Simona/OFF DUTY

  3. Hahaaa, glad you're back and with a blast! :D Oh man tell me about it, I'm 25 and I already feel like an old fart. People under 19 annoy the hell out of me, was I that stupid too?

  4. Recently I hung out with a girl that's 18! And I'm almost 30! I felt instantly sleepy. Very sleepy. And happy Tinder didn't exist when I was that age.

  5. Woman, ya look hot. I’m 30 this year tooooooo. But yes, you’re right. With age, stuff just gets better. Like a fine wine or a nice cheese. xx

  6. Looks fun! I loved reading this. Also, 30 is totally not old and I'm only 26, but even the little baby hipsters look baby to me, too. They'll have their chance to choose to keep what they like from Hipsterdom and grow up too. =]

  7. your 30s are awesome. i've loved mine. i often find myself at events like this, too...looking at all the twenty-somethings, trying to remember what it was like to feel like they did, uncertain of where i'd be in my life, all beer-breathy....and now that i find that i'm nearing the end of my 30s, i feel a little sad. they were good. i found myself. i feel happy with my life, my marriage, my kids...sigh. but then again, if life just only gets better (i'm totally an optimist), i guess it's okay. i loved this post by the way and i think you look FAB.

  8. I LOVE this post. I'm only 20 but a lot of the time I feel much older than I am and I have these strange moments of looking around wondering what we are all doing at this age hahaha. And then I put on heels and go stomping around reminding myself I am in charge of myself and I don't have to feel any age at all, I just have to feel like me.

    His art show looks awesome! So does your outfit of course! And always always always wear heels, even if you feel like a dick ahahaahah.


  9. Oh honey you look so chic, I love all the photos! xoxo


  10. You look amazing here, I wish I had your confidence!

    Maria xxx

  11. Ah.. I understand.. I turned 32 this year.. and OMG.. I wasn't ready.. but honestly, I've been enjoying my 30's WAY more than my 20's which isn't what everyone says? You look great.. and pretty soon you'll be rolling your eyes at all the youngsters like the rest of us..

  12. You look stunning - these heels are beautiful and those 20 something hipsters (which I may resemble one, just a tad?) were probably super jealous. Ha! Either way, 30's sound like a blast; things to look forward too!


  13. Loving the look and the new post! Gosh you made me feel young though with talk about 20somethings :p Gorgeous jacket and the heels look rocking! The art pieces look really cool too :) glad it was a success

  14. Girl, you look hot as ever! I LOVE your heels! Sexy and sassy.....you go girl! :) XO



  15. Great look, love the post.



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