Friday, January 20, 2012

Google-y Eyes

 This look was brought to you by 2 things. 1. My green suede black man church goin' shoes and 2. My google-y eyes ring. I happened to acquire both of these items in the same week. The ring is my nod to Tavi, the most inspirational middle-schooler I wish I knew. If you read her blog or Rookie, you know. Sometimes gals just need to wear items that make them feel silly whether it be a google-y eyes ring or a candy necklace or a locket out of a gum ball machine. I fully endorse incorporating child-like mementos and novelties into your grown-ass woman outfit. (Whether or not what I wear on a daily basis can be considered "grown-ass woman" is questionable)... 
It took a minute for me to figure out what to wear with these shoes. If they were oxfords it would be one thing. Alas, they are fastened with a buckle which gives them a elven quality and makes outfit assembly a tad more difficult. Another option would be wearing them black skinny jeans....maybe a leopard blouse, yes?
Another little trick I don't do enough in colder months is layering 2 collared shirts and messy rolling the sleeves.  Man! I'm really getting a lot of ground coverage with this one!

Shoes and Gold Belt: Vintage, Chords: H&M, Chambray Shirt: F21, Striped Shirt: Thrifted Ann Taylor, Necklaces and Glasses: F21, gifted.

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