Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Doubt

This dress is no question, one of my favorite pieces. It's special when clothing is modest and revealing simultaniously. Besides that, ever since the Don't Speak No Doubt video, Navy dresses with white polka dots are like vortexes...sucking me in....waiting to fulfill my teenage fantasy to be as alluring and gorgeous as Gwen is in that video. (psshaaaright). The silk scarf is my signature look when I have had my hair in the same bun for 2 days. This one in particular was given to me by a stranger. Jonathan and I hung the banner we made for our wedding around the perimeter of our house. Shortly thereafter two gents on bikes complemented Johnny on how it looked while he was gardening. 2 days later one guy came back to give Jonathan this silk scarf and told him to give it to me, inviting us to his local vintage shop. That makes this scarf immediately sentimental. What a sweetie. 

Otherwise, we shopped for furniture at the Fairfax/Melrose Flea Market today and enjoyed a BBQ at our friend's house. 

Scarf: Gifted, Glasses: F21, Dress: 2nd Hand DKNY (Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn), Cross: Mama's, Shoes: Kenneth Cole, TX Neck: Flea Market find, Bag: Dolly Python

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