Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Man In Our Mirrors

Let's talk about the resurgence of loafers in the wake of MJ's death. I know it's been a while since he left us for Never Never Land, but loafers were so 2 years ago so it speaks to my point. If we really thought about it, I'm sure we could all find several pieces in our closets that were directly influenced by Michael Jackson. Although many of his signature pieces were sported by celebrities and artists before he came along, (Audrey Hepburn and high water pants, Greaser's and plain white tees, Jimmy Hendrix and the Military Jacket, Pirates and billowy white shirts) he recreated and essentially established these looks as staples in popular culture. (Kinda like Benny Goodman did with jazz and swing).

What is soooo MJ in your closet? 
(Besides your sexuality)

Loafers: Sam Edleman, Jacket: H&M (similar) , Sheer Pleated Pants: Thrifted, Belt: Gifted, Sun Glasses & Earrings: F21

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