Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Flea Time

After weeks of feeling completely helpless when it comes to secondhand shopping in LA, Jonathan and I found out about the Fairfax/Melrose Flea Market. I was weary that everything would be grossly over priced, seeing as it's in Hollywood, and was pleasantly surprised to see totally reasonable prices for most stuff... bargains, even. The weather was perfect, and we spent half the day wandering around from booth to booth. We scored an antique latter for our garden, some great vinyl, and I got a vintage white cotton top that for whatever reason reminds me of Marjorie Rawlings. Here are some highlights:

1. Disney Graffiti on an old door, and some Bambi paraphernalia. I love vintage Disney stuff. 
2. A Victoria Secret nightgown from the VS era when everything was classy as opposed to hot pink. Remember when you could buy your mom gifts there? Also, charm necklaces for $5 a pop. I found a TX charm. 
3. Cool prints and collections of Coral
4. 2 cute boys at a booth with 4 records for a dollar.
5. Stylin' ladies lookin' for vintage clothes.
6. Collections of old photos and hemmed 80's and 90's sundresses. 

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