Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have a secret to share. I'm sharing this because I'm not one of those types to keep good tips from other stylish ladies. You know the girl that won't tell you where she got something... or will say she doesn't remember because she doesn't want you or anyone else to know where to get the good shit. That's a silly way to be a contributing member of a community of thrifters and garage sale shoppers and treasure diggers. So here goes.
There is a muumuu section at Ross, and it's full of eccentric little diamonds in the rough. For example: this one.... $8.99 fools! The muumuus are near the robe section by all the synthetic/nasty/scratchy/"silky" pajamas with printed patterns of cupcakes and whatnot. 
So go check it out and let's start a muumuu revolution. Easily sported with a denim jacket and top knot (seen below) or sandals and gobs of chunky jewelry on a summery day. 
All that aside, please enjoy these iphone altered photos of me and Jonathan enjoying lunch at Gjelina, ice cream (I choose coffee, and him: chocolate) from Nice Cream and a lovely afternoon walk down Abbot Kinney. 

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