Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Window Shopping

The more I see of LA, the more I'm sure we moved to the right spot. We could spit on Abbot Kinney from our house, which according to GQ is the hippest street in America. Since I usually take all my life-advice from that publication (like how to simulate Ryan Gosling) we moved here. 
Jokes aside, it is a pretty cool street. Named after some tobacco millionaire who attempted to recreate the Venice Canals of Italy right here in SoCal. It's littered with tons of boutiques and specialty shops and yummy places to grub. Since moving drained our bank account we decided to just go window shopping on Abbot Kinney a few days after we got settled. 

GJelina was one of the first places we heard about. From everyone. There's always a wait because it's DELICIOUS. Thankfully they have a GJelina Take-Out right next door to the restaurant, and we tried the Market Veggie Sandwich. Sooooo we pretty much consider ourselves veggie-sandwich connoisseurs and take it from me....the sandwich is fucking legit! The best I've ever had hands-down. The radishes and arugula add just the right about of bite. 

That's just an old diving helmut on a Virgin Mary statue. NBD. 

Venice is very art friendly and the streets are covered with breath-taking street art. 

Smell Good-ery. 

And lastly but not leastly...this is dog-lovin' country. All shapes and sizes, Abbot Kinney offers the best in dog watching. I'm really pumped about this in particular because I'm wanting to focus my photography business on our four-legged friends. Can't wait to get out and practice amidst all the street-fashion bloggers and photographers who also are 1 in 10 on AK. Here's a good one if you're curious: 
On Abbot Kinney. "No ma'am, I don't want a picture of you and your drapey garb+Isabel Marant sneakers, but your French Bulldog is reeeeal cute, do you mind?"


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