Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dive In

I love date night. I also love most eating establishments that utilize baskets and checkered paper. J and I had been wanting to check out Blue Plate Oysterette for a bit, so we made it there with enough time to enjoy our meal before going to see The Avengers. (We are the only two people left on this planet that haven't seen it). I say *haven't, using present tense because by the time we were through with our meal we were so stuffed we nixed the movie and went straight home to relish in our food comas. 

The food at BP Oysterette was delish. The environment disarming (picnic tables, carnival lights and woven table mats) and relaxing (it's right on the coast). I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to service. Nothing irritates me more than an aloof waiter that doesn't make eye contact. This probably stems form the extensive amount of time I spent serving and bar tending in college. The service here was great though. I only wish they had Saltines to eat with the Oysters. I've found pretty much NO WHERE in LA serves Saltines with Oysters, and am beginning to think this is a sort of white trash southern way to eat Oysters. Look at me getting all dignified on the west coast! 

But seriously give me some fucking Saltines. 

Pictured Below:
-Oysters on the half shell
-Mussels in coconut curry broth I would probably swim in if it didn't have the propensity to burn my eyes and lady parts. 
-Menu, duuuh.
-The first Lobster Roll I've ever eaten.
-Key Lime Pie I would definitely swim in even if it DID burn my eyes and lady parts.
-Prosecco. I would also swim in that.
-Date night attire. 

Bell Bottoms: UO, Bag: Vintage Coach (thrifted), Sweater, belt and Necklace: Thrifted

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