Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Your Huckleberry

Sad, sad news. My camera is acting up. It tells me my aperture is at 0.0. NONSENSE! So, we'll all have to deal with iPhone pictures for a bit. Until I get rich enough approved for a credit card to get a Mark II. This is good though. I need a new camera, and though I'm deeply attached to my 40D, it's time for a new chapter. 

Here's my Western inspired look. See: Skirt, hat and cactus.... and cactus poo. Please notice the two dried cactus pieces on the ground that look like doo doo. I didn't notice till I uploaded the pictures, but it's okay. If you know me then you know I think poop jokes/poop talk/ things that look like doo doo for 1000 are hilarious! 

I don't know WHAT I was looking at on the left side of the frame, but it must've been mesmerizing because I'm gazing in that direction in almost every photo. Probably a Venice tumbleweed (a sleeping homeless person) or maybe it was doo doo!

Please enjoy the detail shot of one of my favorite horsey belts!

(If you don't get the Tombstone reference in the title, we are not friends anymore).

OH! I should've titled this post "Howdy Doody!" OMG I'm cracking myself up.

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