Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some Day My Prints Will Come...

High-waisted long skirts will always get me. This one in particular reminds me of Frida Kahlo. The detail of the print on this fabric is fabulous. It's hard to find a unique printed ANYTHING these days. All the patterns are ikat or polka dot or ditsy floral or tribal or ombre or most irritating: crucifix print. 

Here is my rant for the day: I am not offended or turned off by crosses/crucifixes. It just irritates me that they're so trendy/mass produced right now. Have you seen it? Everyone is wearing upside down skinny crosses, or silky button ups with them printed over and over. It's like they are the new skull....{which I'm also over}. By all means wear a cross, ESPECIALLY if it is sentimental or the symbol means something to you. Rosary that was your grandmother's? Go for it! Celtic cross you found on a trip to Scotland? Yep! Star of David your mother gave you from a trip to Israel? Fabulous. However wearing crosses just because they're trendy is a no go in my book... as with any religious/spiritual symbol. 
Oh gaaah, remember when pentagrams were trendy? Sorry, but BARF

Okeeeeeyyyy I went off on an fortuitous judgmental tangent. (what else are blogs for?!?!??!) My original point was: it seems to be difficult to find affordable pieces that sport an eclectic, unique print. Unless of course the piece is vintage. Just to clarify, I wear almost all of the prints and patterns mentioned above in moderation, I'm just chomping at the bits for some new trends in textiles. 

 Anyhoo, there is still summer weather in Cali even though it's fall, and no matter how many spicy candles I light I still can't seem to manipulate this sunshine and warmth....so here's a sunshine-y look:

All things vintage/thrifted except the sandals which are from jcp.

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