Thursday, October 4, 2012

Secret of Nimh

It's one of those things that's been hanging in my closet for many years, has been put on and taken off again, but never got to go for a good spin around the block. It's metallic, it's high-waisted, it's vintage... all things I love. Not sure why it's taken me so long to warm up to this metallic skirt, but it will be on a regular rotation from here on out.

Also featured in this post is my "Secret of Nimh" necklace. I was obsessed with that movie when I was young, and I went on a mission around the age of 22 to find a piece that resembled the one the mouse wore in that movie. I found it at Pandaemonium in Dallas. I love pieces like that...ones you have intense sentimentality towards. You can't really see it in the close up of my wrist, but I'm also wearing a gold bracelet with the ten commandments on it, found at a thrift shop. At a glance, yeah, the outfit's cute, but having all the little trinkets that are special to only you make the whole experience more fun...more childlike...more personal.

Just been kicking around town lately. Not doing anything of much importance besides running errands, trying to learn new recipes to change up our normal menu for fall, working on photos, and oh...I tried surfing and got my ass beat by the Pacific ocean. That's no joke. I felt sooooo cute walking into the water in my bikini bottoms and hot pink surf shirt. Walking out of the water...not so cute. Pretty sure the shirt was somehow backwards, snot was running out of my nose, my hair was a horrible tangled mess and I was speaking at a volume several decibels louder than normal because of all the water in my ears. 

Metallic Skirt, Belt, Bracelets: Thrifted, Ring: Flea Market in Austin, Shoes: Mtng Platform Sneakers Shirt: Husband's, Sunglasses: Cotton On

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